Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary, FBW!

Congratulations, Filipino Bloggers Worldwide! It is now in her one year of existence with a total membership of 2,256 bloggers as of this writing. The members come from all walks of life, of different fields of job and expertise working at home and even around the world.

FBW Official Logo
FBW official logo
Some of them are professionals. Some are housewives, students, businessmen. They've spared time for blogging, expressing their thoughts, business ideas, experiences for others to appreciate, to learn and to be convinced or entertained what they're up to.

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide is an a venue for every Filipino bloggers from different corners of the world to meet virtually for networking purpose.

They're committed to help one another in terms of blogging syndication, supporting each other in terms of promotion of one's blog, contest, meet-up events, online earnings, among others.

How did I join with this group?
I was surprised that I landed in this group. I'm recalling how it did happen. In my one-year membership of this group, I've realized the importance of virtual web communication, the rudiments of blogging, and the camaraderie of every blogger when regards to syndication like comment exchange, sharing, liking and other means of social media promotion; enhancing and improving of one's blog site, themes, and even its quality contents.

One day I was wondering that I received some shout-outs, comments, remarks from the members of this group. Now I remember that it was Tess Chancellor who invited me to join with this group in which I never had any second thought of accepting her invitation. She introduced the rules and regulations which I followed them without any asking question for they're plain and easy to keep with.

Well, I made a brief introduction of myself as part of the rules which I took time to carefully reading them so that I may know the limitations and the opportunities and even privileges a member may enjoy like me.

As I kept on opening this group's section in the Facebook every time I was surfing the net, I was fully exposed to the inspired articles written by every member who joins with the day's syndication. Some of them were very good writers and I kept on following them.

In so doing I was challenged to update my blog regularly so that I could cope with the trend of every thread posted in FBW group page.

FBW Logo

To come up with a distinct identification of FBW, a logo design contest was launched and it was Jyppe A. Quidores' logo design that was chosen.

FBW Banner Logo
FBW Banner logo

FBW logo contest entries
FBW logo contest entries

Humane Admins

The admins
Some of the admins
What I like better from this group is the humane attitude of the admins here whom I got familiar with as I used to reading their blogs, their comments, their reactions and even the worst, their dissatisfaction with the syndication performance of the participating members with a day-to-day featured thread.

Practically most of them were very lenient, considerable, and had more patience.

Kudos to the 5 pioneer admin members. Now there are 18 of them including myself to do the herculean tasks of monitoring those over two thousand members all over the world. They are ChrisAir Martinez Abenes, Joy Blanca, Yuu Ki, Sumi Go, Ness Mercader, Joanna Carpio Asmus, Tess Chancellor, Charlie Montemayor, Robi Marapao, Francis Morilao, Violy Vallester, Ron Leyba, Mai Flores, Romelo Itong, Franc Ramon, Pal Raine, Mhei BlankPixels Ignacio, and this blogger.

FBW, Closed Group

FBW is now a closed group that started in November 1, 2011. It aims to build camaraderie among fellow bloggers around the globe, to help members on opportunities to make money online, increase and build traffic, gain followers, blog comment exchange, share experiences and among others.

Some of the headaches, I remember the pasaway. Twenty-two days after FBW was created, a certain member (I won't mentioned here for delicadeza) for he already left the group of being a pasaway of himself, posted this thread that said: "REMINDERS: BAWAL ANG PASAWAY DITO. 1. Please do not leave post if you are not able to leave comments. [simple as that, but many had participated and left others without leaving their comments]. Another was rule 3 that said "Posting links here means you are making a commitment to visit, read and comment back." Did they keep that commitment? The big answer is NO.

Volunteers who had met the requirements came to the rescue. At least the virtual pandemonium created by numerous pasaway was pacified and it overcame some acid test from the said ever daring members until it reaches one year old of existing as of this writing.

Exchange comment (CommEx) was one of the major early syndication of FBW.

Rules and Regulations

We know that there are many who are interested to join with this group. The FBW Facebook account never runs out of request to join with the group.

Anybody who is interested to join with the group, just simply abide with the rules and regulations. And the strict requirement for fast approval of everyone's request to join is his/her own blogsite/website maintained regularly.

The following are rules to keep for the group to be more organized (found in one of the documents in FB page of FBW):

1. New member should make an introduction of himself/herself and post his/her SITE (blog name, a requirement).

2. Wall sharing of daily posts or update should be at the proper doc. ONE POST a day/doc to avoid flooding or overcrowding the thread.

3. List blogs/posts according to their niche/category for a systematic search or find.

4. No RUDE Comments and OFFENSIVE remarks.

5. No posting of INAPPROPRIATE posts.


7. Help and support member's requests for FB likes, Contest entries, etc.

8. No replication of thread already created.

9. No referral links and no promoting of another bloggers group. (Personal gain is not a good practice.)

10. Use Filipino and English language only.

11. Relevant posts are most welcome.

12. No SPAMMING. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ANYONE with MULTIPLE USERNAMES ARE NOT ALLOWED to join the group for he or she will be PERMANENTLY REMOVED removed from the group.

13. Ask permission first from the admins for everyone who wishes to use the FBW name or post topic to another group for whatever purposes he/she may deem best.

14. Only the admins/moderators and and the DULY AUTHORIZED volunteers are allowed to start the new thread for the daily comment exchange.

15. Any member who has been complained for REPETITIVE or HABITUAL violations of the rules/guidelines shall be notified, then be kicked out and be banned from the group.

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide Own Website - Featured Blogs

FBW has her own blogsite with 16 blogs of FBW member were already featured. They are as follows:

Again, FBW Happy Anniversary! More power!

image credits:
  • Filipino Bloggers Worlwide Site


  1. Congrats FBW! Proud to be a member of this group. I also have my thoughts about this group even if I am still young, 3 months to be exact. Thanks to all the admins and members for all the support and patience. Mabuhay FBW!

  2. I feel the same happiness, Sir Gil. And I'm so thankful to Ms.Tess and to the pioneer admins for making it very successful and also for giving us the trust that we also deserve. Kudos to Ms. Tess and to all the members; none of these would have happened without the support of everybody.
    Thanks Sir Gil for passionately writing this -- I can feel the heart of every words written here.

    1. Yes it does for I've written this out of sincerity and love for everyone here. Everyone is working hand in hand. One's burden becomes lighter when everyone is sharing and doing their part.

  3. Oooh I didn't know that it was the anniversary of FBW! But it's nice to know it now! :) Been a part of this group and I'm glad I did!

  4. Happy Anniversary to us!!! Same here.. am happy to be part of this group FBW! Thanks Sir Gil for this post! I am sure you will update this again next year!:)

  5. Galing! Happy Anniversary sa ating lahat, at salamat dito Sir Gil :)

  6. Thank you for this post Sir Gil, thank you for telling us the history/story of FBW.

    I am a 2 months old member of this group (through the invitation of Violy Vallester) and I must admit because of FBW my blog's audience widened. And because of this, I am challenged to make my post good if not great and made me become a better writer.

    Happy anniversary Filipino Bloggers Worldwide. I am a proud member of this group. God bless =)

  7. I'm happy to be part of the Group! Happy Anniversary and More Power!

  8. wow, thank you sa pag mention ng name ko sir! I missed the group so much specially the Admins! I'll comeback sa Facebook soon! See you Guys!

    1. We do miss you in FBW! We're waiting for you. Please come back soon and share with us the headaches and even heartaches. Hehehe!

  9. I'm a newbie in the group but the Admins and the members are so warm, welcoming and helpful especially. It's one of the best organized groups I joined in FB thanks to all the Admins. Thank you ulit Miss Tess for inviting me to be a part of FBW. :)) Happy 1st Anniversary!

  10. Mabuhay FBW! More Power!!

    I may have not been so active in terms of being visible in the group, but i do visit, monitor and join admin discussions over important matters :)

    I salute the admins helping hand in hand for maintaining the group's discipline. Congratulations!

  11. Happy Anniversary FBW! I'm so proud being a part and admin of this group as I learn something new everyday in the interaction threads as well as getting to read and syndicate other bloggers posts. I know with the overall leadership of Ms. Tess and my fellow admins, FBW is really going to get bigger and better.

    1. You're absolutely right, Franc in your expectation from Ms. Tess leadership and the all-out support of the rest of the admins.


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