Monday, November 5, 2012

How To Write Simply and Be Understood

Writing is made easy if you do it as if you're talking. When you talk, you give preference to the vital and essential points of your ideas. Its application, usability, practicability are readily perceived and achieved. Of course, there are several types of writing as to purpose, style, and form. However, for its easiness and feasibility, writing should be patterned in giving a talk for the writer's mind to get through his reader's thinking. Thus, the piece of writing is easily digested and understood.

W.R.I.T.E. Tips
Writing tips
Thoughts and ideas will just come when you talk something you know, something you've experienced, something you're in authority to say so, and you know something about your readers.

When you know something, you give the important details and you go directly to the point.

When you've experienced it, you could relate it with minute details to substantiate your writing.

When you've earned it through education, you could write with competence and credence. More importantly, you've the full grasp of your audience or readers.

By the way research writing is a different writing job.  You need instructions from your teacher-adviser on what to do so that you could make your work scholarly.

Writing Tips

I came up with these writing tips as a memory aid and a guiding principle in writing when I started writing a column in our local newspaper. The following are five writing tips which are useful and helpful for the would-be writers for their ready reference. I coined them in an acronym, W. R. I. T. E.:

W stands for writing down my ideas that may come into my mind.

R for rewriting what I've scribbled down for grammar, spelling and coherence.

I for integrating necessary facts to substantiate my write ups to make it reliable.

T for telling it from experience or from others. And when I do research, I cite appropriate references to acknowledge primary sources.

E for expressing my writing for others to know, to be informed, or even to be entertained via print media, or internet like blogging.

Now you know these things. Write like you're talking. Everything will come out smoothly with substance and credibility. Therefore, you can write with confidence. Can't you?


  1. Experience is one of the best teachers in writing. The more we experience, the more depth we can be in writing. I at times write at freestyle and just organize my thoughts during the editing part and most of the time I write within a structure and flow. I always want to start with a strong opening statement and work from there.

  2. Write, rewrite, integrate tell and express. I will remember these acronyms, Sir, Gil. Writing like you're talking to somebody is very effective as it catches the readers attention easily. And most importantly, readers understands. Thanks for the tips!

  3. yup.writing means lot in everywhere..

  4. Thank you so much for this. The ACRONYM is easy to remember. I'm not a good writer and needs a lot of training but this certainly helps!

  5. I have copied and printed this and posted it in my planner for guide sir Gil. This will serve as a reminder for me when I struggle to put my thoughts in writing.:)

    1. At least in my own unique way, I'm of help to you.

  6. Sometime it's difficult when you are too conscious about the technical side of what you write. It's true that you can write as if you are only talking.

  7. Brilliant notes Sir Gil. I think there has to be a skeleton of writing, somewhere along the way but you just don't draw it. Rather, use it as a mental reference or something like that.



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