Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tax Be Imposed on SMS

This is a "good taxation" as pointed out by visiting IMF chief recently. According to survey a texter could send an average of 600 messages a month and if it's taxed for a 5-centavo per message, Php30 is collected. When it is quantified based on adult users, a huge revenue collection is sourced from them. This is a conservative analysis.

SMS Taxation
Isn't it a "good taxation" indeed? Are there opposing to this another scheme of taxation aside from six taxes?

It was IMF Chief Christine Lagarde who suggested that the Philippines could greatly "shore up state funds" if mobile phone message, popularly known as SMS be taxed.

Million of pesos could be resourced from this tax since the Philippines is considered as the world's text message capital.

SMS Taxing Failed

Three years ago, a 5-centavo tax on SMS was filed in the Senate, but it was not carried on.

Those who vehemently opposed this plan of SMS taxation have not realized how the big TV networks used SMS for their voting medium of their reality show, games or whatever. Those networks amassed a huge sum of money.

PH - The World Text Capital

As the Philippines is considered as the text capital of the word, SMS taxation could be a juicy source of revenue for the Philippine government.

What would be the reactions of the people on this tax measure? If we could recall several years ago, some of our lawmakers seen a good tax revenue from Short Message Service (SMS) from a mobile phones. Thus, they proposed an idea to tax SMS. But many negative reactions cropped up.

One reason for this was the government has no other options to tax rather than this "poor man's" way of communication for it is affordable for them. The tax measure was not realized.

Now it is the IMF chief herself who suggested this. Will those proponents before will revive the bill and push it through? What do you think? Are you in favor for SMS taxation?

Source: Yahoo News

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