Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Are You Ready in December 21

Where are you going when Doomsday comes? Whatever faith do you have, when the end of the world comes in December 21 all of us will perish. Believe it or not?

Doomsday 2012
December 21
What will be scenario of those believers, non-Christians, atheists, or whatever at Doomsday?

I'm not convincing you to believe what I perceive, to accept and adapt what I share here. You may read them for whatever purpose you have. Christians believe that their God will save them for He is loving, merciful and caring. He doesn't want his followers to perish.

The non-Christians do believe too that they have their own supreme being to protect them and save for any eventualities may be brought by the end of the world.

The atheists will run for their lives. They seek for their own "safety", looking for a perfect place of refuge.

What about those half-baked Christians who always dwindle in unbelief, keep on backsliding from their doctrine and religion. Well, they may oblige themselves to join with non-Christians, the atheists, and the rest of the undefined believers so to speak.

Believe me or not? Nobody is spared when the end of the world practically happens. When it does, new world, new earth will appear for everything is decimated.

Now are you ready to face this fateful day? I'm not a prophet, seer or revelator but I know God is coming! He will come according to His timetable which nobody knows. When He comes, He comes like a thief in the night.

When you are ready, no need for you to fear. Let's face the spiritual reality! Jesus Christ will come. He will reign and judge the people accordingly. The Son of Perdition will be shackled for 10 centuries and there will be peace all throughout that year.


  1. i went to the grocery store. my cat was out of food. it was a clear day, with blue skies and sunny weather, but still a little cold, reminding me that it was the first day of winter.

  2. Its pleasure to read :)


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