Monday, December 17, 2012

My Line of Thoughts Redirected

I try my luck to earn money online in one of the latest site I found. In a matter of two weeks time I was able to earn $50. It was a good try in my spare time.

I kept on submitting short articles of interest, personal experiences that could excite or entice readers to react, to share similar experiences.

I enjoyed and I did it almost every night until I completed the minimum earnings of $25 for cash-out. As I've said in 2-week period I was able to receive $50 in my PayPal account.

Excited as I was, I worked for my third redemption but the situation was unfavorable. The site became inaccessible. When I accessed it and browsed randomly my posts, it unexpectedly turned weird. Server error notice popped up and even service unavailable. I tried to refresh it, but to no avail. It's irritating and even frustrating.

What a failure! I sighed.

What else I could do is to give up. Before doing it anyway, I remember one of the lady users of said site, who suggested another making-money online site which is similar to the previous in strategy of submitting posts. I ventured there.

Eurika! I found myLot. My line of thoughts were properly directed there.

For two days time, I earned $1.55. There was no hassle, no technical trouble, except some rude users who are leaving their comments to my posted articles - original posts.

Now as of this posting, I'm quite relieved of my problem of earning a little bucks for my coffer through writing in this medium. Therefore, my line of thoughts has the option to be in place, to be read, to be appreciated. Sad to say, however, there are those who downgraded my ideas. They have the out-of-nowhere mindset. That's basically normal.

Though ML slowly pours the earning according to my series of valid activities, at least I'm earning, at least I'm gaining more friends and even discordant commentators/reactors. That's alright, it's a part of the game - the game of survival.

Thus My Line of Thoughts finds new home in myLot.

If you're a writer, a blogger or a would-be blogger, this is your chance to earn money. The staff and the admin are very considerate. They are ever ready to help or they could access their helpdesk.

Now I know. myLot is my line of thoughts properly or well directed. What about you? You may have it too.Try it. There you earn, gain friends, and have fun. What are you waiting for? Click the image.

myLot image


  1. Hi.

    You should have discover this site earlier. Well, anyway this is a good article. there are still other writing sites which you could earn a decent income. I don't know if your heard about experts column already.

  2. Thank you for giving me this info. I will try my luck in experts column... :)


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