Saturday, February 9, 2013

Random Thoughts of Gil Camporazo Blog 2nd Anniversary

To all my readers, followers, friends, associates and family members and relatives:

Thank you very much for supporting this blog. I will do my best to cater to your reading needs and information in my own unique and capacity to do.

And to God Almighty, thank you so much Lord.

My Guided Thoughts

I know that it is in sharing what I've generously done to my fellow bloggers that I was indirectly or directly manifesting my care for them.

I keep on blogging for fun, information and enjoyment.

I know that to come up with a quality blog is not easy. It takes a lot of patience, diligence and most of all, a heart and mind not only to my readers and followers but to the work itself.

It is challenging and yet fulfilling to share my  opinion, thoughts and wisdom to my followers, readers and even to my fellow bloggers.

Blogging, I know, is always be a vehicle or a means of communication for others to be blessed and this is one of my intentions why I blog. I know bloggers are also a blessing for others too!

My Well-Wishers

As a matter of gratitude to those who spent their time in leaving an inspiring comments in my first year blog anniversary, I want to let you know the best wishes of these  13 bloggers (an excerpts):

1. Sumi Go - Congrats on achieving these blogging milestones, and may you have more to come. Happy blogging! :)

2. kiko - Congratulations sir! It is an honor to meet you here in blogsphere. More power on our mission and keep on inspiring us. God Bless!

3. michi - happy...anniversary! i agree sharing is caring!

4. YANI - Hello Sir Gil! Happy Anniversary :) Continue to share your thoughts. I am inspired :)

5. Thess Enriquez - Been blogging for 5 months and reading your blog inspires me to continue blogging. Thank you and continue to write meaning articles.

6. Edmaration etc - More thoughts sir Gil!!! You have great achievements na. You deserve it for your thoughts are all great!!!!

7. Gemma My Dailies - Congratulations Sir!!! More years to come!!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

8. Jhackie - ... I'm happy for you ! your blog had been very informative and your comments are very meaningful . More years to gain !!

9. lakwatsero - Congratulations, Sir Gil. I am sure this is not the first time I'm gonna visit this blog to greet you on its blogversary. I am sure all your readers will come back each year to celebrate this very special day. Marami pang blogversary tayong pagsasamahan!

10. Earlied - Bravo to you Sir and congratulations for the job well done. I know how challenging it is to update post every now and then but more importantly, I also know how fulfilling it is to share ones opinion and wisdom to other bloggers and readers. Whilst others learn from our point of view, we likewise learn many things from them.

11. The Wandering Lion - Congrats and happy blogversary. Blogging is truly a great way to reach people and somehow influence their thoughts and opinions on certain issues. Here's to more blogversaries to come. :)

12. KC Canlas Spread Some Awesome - Congratulations and Happy Blogversary Sir Gil! Hoping for more years for this and for more thoughts to inspire your readers!

13. Julie - Congratulations Sir! I'm celebrating... this 23rd of February too.. continue writing and be our inspiration. :)

And to my incoming readers and followers, welcome. Be a part of my own unique way of sharing thoughts, ideas, news and experiences as long as they come along the way.

Muchos Gracias!

By the way, Random Thoughts could not be claimed by this blog exclusively for there are bloggers who are adapting this name or title of their blog under different niche or area of topics or subjects.  To mention a few, they may be as follows Random Thoughts of Lakwatsera Mom, Random Thoughts of Louis Schmier, Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind, Random Thoughts of a plum, Random Thoughts by Rebecca.


  1. Thanks for the tag! We are blessed to read your thoughts Sir!

    1. Welcome! I'm blessed too to know you and to read your inspiring and informative blog... :)

    2. You're most welcome! Let's continue to inspire people! :)

  2. Congratulations Sir Gil, I hope just like you, I will continue blogging for fun, information and enjoyment. And inspiring your readers and us to do better. God bless you always.

  3. Congrats on the 2nd year of your blogs. I love reading your blogs especially your post when you flashback events in the past as you tell them so crisp and with vivid details.

  4. WOw! congratualtions SIr Gil! More thoughts and all the best for 2013 and so on! xx

  5. Congrats sir Gil! Keep on posting and inspiring us to write and continue blogging. Your write-ups/posts truly inspires!

  6. This is truly an achievement for someone who is so dedicated in writing and sharing your ideas about life, love and spirituality. Keep us inspired through your random thoughts.

  7. Congratulations on your second year. Continue inspiring your readers!

  8. COngratulations and more power to your blog! i actually didnt know when's my anniversary! hahaha

  9. Congratulations and more power. May you continue to inspire readers and share more your knowledge.

  10. Congratulations on your second anniversary. It has been a pleasure reading your insights and take on various topics of life.

    1. Congratulation Sir Gil and thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts to your readers like me and more power!!!

  11. I'm honored to have cited here, sir Gil! :) Time flies really fast and it's your 2nd blog anniversary already. May you continue to blog and inspire us. Cheers to more blogging milestones this year! ;)

  12. Thank very much for your usual support as we are always supporting each other as fellow bloggers. More power too to your blogging job.

  13. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. Hope to read more from you in the coming years!


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