Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Wife Has Still My 43-year old Love Letter

43-year-old love letter
43-year-old Love Letter
Love is still fresh within us. We keep it fresh everyday from the very day that we tied knots sometime in 1972.

We got married without any penny in our pocket. We were just married by a City judge with a handful of teachers as witnesses.

Out of 41 years of married life, we were able to survive the various difficult challenges in our life since I put up my family of my own.

The greatest turn of the event of our life was realized sometime in the year 1980 when I found the truth of being the spirit child of God. And until now I nurture that opportunity of being me and being a servant of the Lord with a hope that my wife and my whole family will be together for time and eternity.

This month of February, we always remember of lovely and romantic the day especially Valentine's day. It has a great part of getting us together and be one in the new and everlasting covenant of our marriage.

This is the month that my wife met at the high school campus. And this is the month when I stole a first kiss of my high school sweetheart who is now my present wife.

Last night, I never expected that I would be seeing again my love letter given to my high school sweetheart, which I had written it on March 20, 1970. That was 43 years ago.

Rebing, fond name of my wife, jokingly handed me an old dirty white letter envelope. Its edge was already cut. The addressee was my wife's maiden name. I mused and but of course, surprise for such a very long years, that letter was still kept and taken cared of by my wife.

I never thought that I folded it in a three-fold manner, that when it is open it means like saying "I love you!"

I do appreciate my wife's thoughtfulness. She marked with number 21, meaning it was already the 21st love letter I had given her since we were on as teenage sweethearts.

Somewhere at the sala, my youngest son and youngest daughter were observing on how we exchanged old time pleasantries with each other  mother while conversing happily and they overheard when I said that the letter was given me 43 years ago. I overheard them laughing approvingly by appreciating their mother and also my unwavering and unfaltered love for their mother.

I just simply told them that their mother and I were meant for each other.

Now this day, February 14, as I wrote this blog late in the afternoon, my youngest son and his wife together with our eldest daughter arrived with red flowers on their hands. Toto Jun handed one to his mother in the kitchen. Carissa, his wife, gave me one. And the last one was reserved for our youngest sister who is still at work.

I am very happy and glad for their thoughtfulness, for love and care. They just did simply in their own unique way. That is one reasons why our family relationship keeps on going perfectly well and alive, and fresh everyday.

Thanks for my wonderful children. And to my beloved wife, Bing whom I gave her a tender and loving kiss early this morning and greeted her  happy valentine's. With all my heart, Bing, I want you to know that I love you.


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