Monday, March 18, 2013

The True Essence of Recognition

Late this afternoon, I was busy preparing for our recognition and closing exercises for my latest school, Cubay Elementary School tomorrow. What a coincidence! I was able to retrieve from my old file my recognition message to our outstanding and honor pupils of Yubo Elementary School in their 40th recognition program 5 years ago.

Gil Camporazo, the author
The School Principal
I decided to post it here. Since I don't want to miss every word of it, so I am posting here the entire message. To wit:

All of us is every proud of you as mentors and your parents too for what you have achieved in your own academic endeavor. And what we are doing today is an act of concern, an act of honor, and an act of love of your exemplary works and deeds academically for your parents, for your family, for your school, for your community, for your country, for yourself, and foremost for your loving Heavenly Father.

Functional Definition of Recognition

In this manner, I may define recognition as a thanksgiving for Heavenly Father's love - an unfeigned love, unconditional, sincere kind of love. Therefore, it may stand for living an exemplary life for other's to emulate just what Jesus did for you. It is very difficult to do it but it is possible. It may be referred to obeying God's commandments in order for you to receive God's divine blessings and protection from any untoward eventualities. It may also be leading to venerating or giving due profound respect and reverence to God's divinity, well-being and creation  And it may finally be a commitment of enduring to the end by overcoming trials, tribulations, afflictions, and challenges in life in any form, be it small or big, and finally coming out conqueror and successful.

How To Earn Recognition

For example, what you have learned from your teachers while you are studying and you have applied it in your life, that's living it. What your teacher is telling you to do, be it an assignment, homework and project and you are doing it perfectly, that's obeying  Every time you meet your teacher in school, in the street, in the market and you show him or her courtesy and respect; that is, venerating him or her in a simple sense of the word. And trying to improve yourself every time you fail from class or any class activity and undertakings and attaining it in the long run; that is enduring to the end; thus making you a winner or successful. This is what the occasion is being held today for your recognition after displaying those character-straightening traits of living, obeying, venerating, and enduring. In short, that is, love of well-being.

Act of Love

Therefore, recognition is an act of love of your peers, of your parents and teachers by living a exemplary life, by obeying God's commandments, by venerating God's divinity, and by enduring to the end.

Be proud of yourself and be thankful for after all the things you have done and you are what you are as a winner, a successful, a conqueror in all aspect of your life.

Congratulations children! Congratulations parents for having such outstanding sons and daughters. Take care of them unfailingly for they are the spirit children of Heavenly Father. You and I are responsible for their future.

It's love. Our love that we share for them to make good things happen. Again congratulations!

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