Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bulaklak's Birthday Wish

Bulaklak 9th birthday
Bulaklak, the birthday girl
The whole member of our family shared a common happiness we have had today. My wife and I early this morning spent a precious time with one of our most beloved granddaughters, Bulaklak who turned 9 years old today.

Shanley Jane Camporazo Jaud, fondly called as Bulaklak was a chubby little cute girl. She is a third grader pupil. She is a very smart girl.

Birthday Wish

After I ate my breakfast, she showed me a piece of paper with her birthday wish which she had written it last night in a grade 3 pad. It was scribbled in our local dialect, Ilonggo.

Here's the text which I translated in English:

"Birthday wish of Shanley:

1. May Jesus Christ bless me and my family.
2. May my mama and papa be in good health, my family as well.
3. May my cousins be blessed too.

And I am thankful to Jesus Christ who has helped us by saving us from sins. I am also thankful to those who have cared for me when I was sick and because of them I recovered speedily. I do love them and I do love my family. Love, Shanley"

Birthday Cake
To her cousins, she was referring to Toto Bryan and Adja.

Her mother, our 4th eldest daughter is preparing something for Bulaklak's birthday as a simple, but memorable celebration.

Birthday Cake

Her papa just sent her a ready-made cake for he was too busy working with the 4th District Congressman of Negros Occidental in their campaign sortie. Her papa was driving a service vehicle.

She celebrated her birthday with her cousins, uncle and aunties, and members of her family.

Bulaklak family members and her mother
Bulaklak's mother and sisters
Birthday Prayer

I offered the prayer for Bulaklak's birthday. This is what I said: "Lord, we are indeed very happy today to join with our granddaughter's birthday today. We all know how her parents really love her and we all know how they work so hard to rear her up according to the nurture and admonition of Lord. Bless, Bulaklak of the wisdom which she could guide her in attaining her ambition and happiness in life.

Lead her to the path of righteousness as she stay close to the Church, as she strives to be obedient to her parents, as she never fails to read the scriptures for her spiritual growth, and as she humbles herself.

It is our faith and also it is the faith of her parents that Bulaklak may be free from any harm, that she may overcome any form of trials in her life, that she may have the good health and that she may endure to the end.

As the eldest sister of her other two sisters, Bulaklak may set the good example for them as a true and faithful member of the Church. All these things I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen"

After I prayed, she came over to me and gave me a big hug. Happy 9th Birthday, Inday Bulaklak!

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