Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fixing Computer That Turns Off Prematurely

Open desktop computer
open desktop computer ready for cleaning
Recently I was in the height of concluding my blog update when my computer suddenly turns off. I sighed and felt sorry for what I had written a long blog that I had not saved any page of it.

Then moment later my wife informed me if I had also experienced the premature signing off of the computer for she had experienced it while she was playing a game a couple of hours ago. Without saying a word, I just nodded my head as if I was at a great loss. I regretted that I hadn't backed it up for I had written it in a notepad. So I had to start all over again.

However, something has to be resolved about my computer that has shut down unexpectedly. I remember that I had experienced this similar incident several months ago and I did solve the problem by myself with a little help from my son, a computer student without calling for a technician.

set of motherboard, exhaust fan, processor
motherboard, exhaust fan, paint brush, latch
Fixing the Problem

I recall why it did happen. As I opened the casing of the CPU, I noticed that the exhaust fan inside the motherboard is already filled with dust which blocked the fan to function normally in cooling off the processor.

Of course, to do it, turn off the power and disconnect other connections. Bring the CPU to a comfortable place. Open the casing. Look for the mounted exhaust fan. Unplug the wire connection attached to the fan. Release it from the latch that fastens and take the fan out.

See to it not to touch the other side of the fan for it is too hot. With a paint brush, clean the blocked airways which are full of accumulated dust and have the fan totally cool before reinstalling it to its proper place.

clean exhaust fan
clean exhaust fan of gathered dust
Problem Solved

That's it. That's what I perfectly did. Now my desktop is running to the max without stopping unexpectedly. Now I have made up my mind on how to maintain it by cleaning it up every month to avoid recurring frustration of losing a good blog composition when I am writing one. In so doing, there's no need for me to call for a technician anymore for I could do it by myself.

I know there are many factors why the computer behaves like that and in my case it is one of those problems.

Sort of Reminder

By the way, for the maintenance, don't forget to dust off the motherboard too. Be sure not to move or dislocate any parts inside. Do not use vacuum or any damp cloth in cleaning it for it will short circuit the wiring connections due to the moisture it could produce.

Hope this will help you in case you meet the same problem.


  1. Keeping the components of a computer is important to ensure a longer life.

  2. Yay! wtg Sir for fixing the computer :-) It saves you money doing it by yourself :-) Sorry for not saving your blog post, happen to me lots of times :-(

  3. My husband does this as well in our computer which has managed to serve us for quite some time.

  4. We also experienced that kind of problem and according to the technician who fixed our desktop computer, dirt is one major cause of it.

  5. every device that is cleaned not only makes it's life longer but also makes it a lot more efficient. Yahweh bless. ralph

  6. Thank you for this post Sir Gil, I experienced this before several times with my old PC and instead of going to the technician I bought a new one and gave the old to my niece only to find out that it still works very well after they have it fixed by a technician. Ha ha ha ha, have I known before . . . . it was an expensive unforgettable experience. Thanks for this tips I will surely try cleaning my PC to have it work perfectly =)


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