Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Out of Bounty, Then What?

Out of the bounty, a person speaks and expresses his or her heart's content for gratefulness. And this is what I thought when late tonight, I came across with a blog written by a humble lady. She titled her blog as "Bountiful Basics".

Bountiful Basics Banner
Bountiful Basics - What's in a Name?

I wonder why it is called "bountiful basics" when in fact basics are only limited. Basic is defined or referred to as rudiment, fundamental, or the basis of anything in existence so to speak.

Anyway, as I read her blog. I noticed that she regarded the basic information as it is worth sharing for it is "valuable". I do agree with her for that.

Basic Information

However, based on what I've learned for 33 years, I was confident and I know it that the basic information a person should know and to consider himself as fully educated, are three things, such as:

1. Where did he come from?
2. Why is he here on earth?
3. Where does he go after his life?

As I went over her blog and read her "My Cheese Keeps Moving", she cited a scripture that says, "the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare" (D&C 104:17, LDS scripture) This has made me believed her that out of the bounty which the earth provides, everyone could subsist and live abundantly and sufficiently. And eventually he or she could keep some of it for rainy days.

The Author
Writing Prowess

Anyway this lady as I've known her in Facebook is Edellen Nonescan Reyes. She started her first blog sometime in January 2012.

 She had the talent to write. She could wield her pen to hone her writing prowess. Before she formally wrote a blog, she had been writing online as a ghostwriter at oDesk. A spark of inspiration "keeps her cheese moving" when her grandfather gave her a stock certificate which later she sold and earned a hefty sum of money. Then she wanted to share that successful money making she learned by experience. She's confident then that  there is money in stock market exchange. She's an authority on investment management.

Her blog banner simply states "Bountiful Basics - simple solutions for a changing world." Do you agree with it? Find it out by visiting Bountiful Basics.


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