Wednesday, April 17, 2013

To Lead Is To Sacrifice

I want to reflect here the book on leadership I have read. It is a  Christopher Handbook on "How To Be A Leader". It tells me the type of leadership which offers a little in the way of ease, honor or personal gain. In fact, it  usually involves the very opposite - hardship, misunderstanding, personal risk, and sometimes personal loss. I concede that this is true.

Leading Is Sacrificing

The Leader of leaders Himself said: "He who would save his life will lose it; but he who loses his life for My sake will find it. "Spiritually speaking, yes, it is. Referring to the dictionary, "to lead" means: to draw along, go ahead or show the way; to move before or in advance of; to take or have the initiative; to make a beginning, go or act first; to direct an action, thought, or opinion; and to draw or direct by influence, good or bad.

Whatever your work or responsibilities, you are showing some ability as a leader right now. Sounds simple, isn't it? You show it in running your home, taking part in church, school or civic activities, managing a farm, working as a nurse or sales person, conducting a business and in countless other ways.

A leader is often described as on who - "knows the way," show the way," and goes the way."

What Leadership Is Not

Leadership does not mean wealth, great education or position. It means initiative, willingness to serve and an idealism rooted in divine truth.

The leader is willing to accept the burdens of responsibility, because his self-confidence comes from a deep and abiding faith in God and a genuine concern for his fellowmen.

Could you stay away from being a leader? Absolutely as far as you are concerned, a big NO! Every person without exception is confronted in these critical times with the challenges and obligations of leadership: - in fulfilling the responsibilities of home life; in taking a courageous, intelligent stand where vital principles are at stake on the local, national or international scene; in making a constructive contribution at work or in school; and in participating actively and intelligently in church, civic, union, business, and numerous other activities which affect both the temporal and eternal destiny of innumerable people.

Who Is To Lead

It's real what each person like yourself does - or fails to do- in providing your share of leadership, helps or hurts everyone. The only person who can get started on this road to leadership is yourself. You alone can bestir yourself to develop te tremendous potential within you. Once you realize that you can be God's instrument in putting into circulation the basic principles that can set a right every skill possible that will make you a more effective transmitter or communicator of divine love and truth.

You can be a leader. Keep in mind the points mentioned above. They are basic tips for anyone who would be a leader, preferably a Christlike leader and an effective communicator of sound ideas.

You can be a leader by acting now - communicate your ideas. And remember to sacrifice is unavoidable.

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