Saturday, April 6, 2013

WIMI: Solution to Blacklisted IP

"Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later..."

This is what I got from the Google when I browsed this site 3 days ago. And I was apprehensive that my blog site was suspended for that reason. Therefore, I couldn't make use of my blog site anymore  if that would be the case. Practically I got no idea why this was so.

wimi logo
Disgusting, frustrating I was when this page couldn't open. I tried to open my other blogger sites and I couldn't open them too.

I never mind it for awhile. Besides I didn't have any idea of promoting or facilitating that kind of activity. I thought that it might be a system error of my computer. I attempted to open again my other blogger sites which got the same prompt message. However, there was an option to enter the CAPTCHA to redisplay the suspended blog site. I typed the squiggly captcha which kept on popping up several times and to hundred times, but to no avail.

I went back to this page which worried me so much. The prompt message was different from my other sites for it had no box for CAPTCHA code. I refreshed the page several times, no code was shown.

Means of Solution

I brought this problem to some of my fellow bloggers who might have experienced this disgusting situation. They were apt to assist me. They sent me several suggestions which I applied but they were so futile. I was about to give up when I resorted to check the integrity of my IP address which is now in question.

I came across with WHATISMYIP site and referred this and even posted this problem to its quorum. The following day I received an email answer with the hope that it could rectify the issue. I was further informed that "IP Address is listed in the CBL. It appears to be infected with a spam sending trojan, proxy or some other form of botnet . This IP address is infected with, or is NATting for a machine infected with Pushdo." 

What is Pushdo?

"Pushdo is a DDOS trojan - meaning that it was (at least of the timestamp given above) participating in a HTTP-based (web protocol) distributed denial of service attack on web server[s].
"Pushdo is usually associated with the Cutwail spam trojan, as part of a Zeus or Spyeye botnet. Together, this provides the attacker with DDOS, email spam, and information theft capabilities. This is something you really want to get rid of. But remember, we detected this specifically by the DDOS traffic to a web server."

composite blocking list
Delisting Random Thoughts

Therefore, it suggested that I have to request from Composite Blocking List to delist my blocked IP in which I did. It would take me several days for my IP to be "clean virtually" and restored to function normally. In case, the delisting request is not granted, there could be no other choice. However, when I submitted the said request, granted was the reply and I had to wait for several days to take effect.

One day past, still this page couldn't be accessed. What else I can do for I am non-techie. No idea on what to do except to search it from the internet and I have to be more patient.

Since it was Google had suspended this blog site, I opted to check its webmaster tool. I was directed to some technical issues which Big G experienced on a date specified. I was quite relieved then that it might be a technical problem, a computer generated filter that blocks my IP. Later I knew that I wasn't not the only alone but there were several bloggers who experienced this inconvenient too.

Back to Normal

Now early this morning, as I turned on my computer I checked my email to find any message on this issue. There was none. I clicked my bookmark button and I noticed that the icon of this site is already displayed for before that it was the logo of Google that is shown. Then I opened the site and it popped up successfully. Random Thoughts is now back to normal!

Four Things I Did

It takes me four things to do to get back my Random Thoughts! to circulation like::

1. Asking my fellow bloggers.
2. Seeking advice from authority like WIMI on IP problem.
3. Referring to the appropriate browser that blocks the IP to avail its webmaster tool.
4. Having patience.

Thank you, my fellow bloggers for your immediate concern. And WIMI staff/admin and Google for its update on this issue.

I know that it takes patience to expect a solution to a problem whether it may or it may not.

Now Random Thoughts is back to normal writing business!


  1. To be honest, I barely have knowledge about this topic! Kaya nga whenever I encounter problems, I ask my fellow bloggers so they can help me :)

  2. this was the common problem we all been facing last days. some did able to fix it and some did not. . .what make it the most, is that how everyone leaning their help for this issue. . and that pushes us all to find ways solving it. .. . .

  3. Weeeh! GOOD NEWS Sir Gil! You're back. And thank God for all the fellow bloggers joined hand and hand to resolve the problem.

  4. Back to business indeed that's great sir. For me I'm using private vpn that changes my ip address from time to time cause there's a lot of hacker out there that may use your existing ip address for unethical hacking like injecting ddos trojen stuff like that..

  5. I was not affected by this problem but I did hear about it from other bloggers. Good thing this problem was resolved.

    - Wanderer Juan

  6. Congrats, Random Thoughts is back! Honestly, like Algene I don't have any idea why this problem occur but after rereading your post, I think I know what I should do if ever this happen to my site.

  7. This is something to be aware of and as early as now, I should now what to do when this problem occurs. Thanks for the tips! :D

  8. Your back Sir! I've read your post about this in an FB group and thanks for sharing this helpful info.

  9. great adivce on what to do if this things happens to others (hope not) Even me i am just in panic attack if there's somthing wrong with my blog that Ican fix myself! xx

  10. Good to know that you were able to get your blog working again.

  11. thanks for sharing.. may help / save someone else in the future!

  12. It's good you were able to fix your site. Sometimes, the regulations they place are really weird like locking one from their own site.

  13. I'm glad you got things back on track sir. Thanks for posting this. And though I hope I don't encounter this in my own site, this can be a big help someday. :)

  14. The help from your community is always best! It's like God answering your prayers hehe.

  15. I read all the bloggers problems in the group and good to know that everything is alright now. That is the advantage of having a bloggers community.We have someone to ask in times like this.

    1. You are right Tess. We have a lot of fellow bloggers who are techie, jack-of-all trade, and very willing and ready to help those who are in trouble.

  16. Having a lot of patience to do research and asking questions really helps when experiencing problems like these..

  17. It's hard to have enough patience in this situation, especially when you have deadlines to write about and get published. I'm so glad you were able to get pass on this. And it's amazing how bloggers really help each other, really a good community something we can all be proud of. :)

  18. Oh, I have experienced this a few days ago! I've been looking for solution online but couldn't find one...until I restarted the modem which solved the problem. I'll bookmark this in case the same thing happens again.

  19. Brod, so timely post this is since, many of our fellow bloggers did experienced this problem. good thing your back.

  20. I was worried too..
    I was just approving and making my comments when it happened to me.
    I ussually use google to search queries, especially when I am writing a blog post.
    Im comming accros new sites that I just stumbled when it suddenly blocked it, google telling me that I've acces the site one too aften when I just came across it really.
    Doesnt make any sense... after a few attempts of typing captcha, I concluded that there is nothing wrong with me, and its just google making a hell out of my bright sunny morning.
    I slept it over, it worked later after I restarted my modem.
    So it became to be just an issue of google and my internet provider. It was stressful, but good thing I didnt allow it to ruin my day by becomming hysterical that I might loose all my hard work


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