Friday, June 7, 2013

Blind Student Graduated with Highest Honors

"Hope is the only thing that is stronger than fear". - The Hunger Games, the movie.

Anthony Mark Emocling
Anthony Mark Emocling
Recently I have known another friend. Though he is stricken with disability but yet he did excel and completed his college degree with the highest honors. I am referring to Anthony Mark Emocling, 23 of Baguio City, PH who finished his Political Science Degree in the University of Baguio City as Cum Laude.

Anthony became blind when he was 10 years old. His retina in both eyes was detached and made him unable to see. He was raised by a loving father, Cesilio who is a taxi driver and his mother, Angela, a housewife. His parents were able to raise him including his two sisters, Apple Mae and Angel in a small business tendered by his mother.

He started his schooling in the said university as he managed by himself. The university is just a 15-minute walk from their residence.

Determined to Excel

Anthony is one of the person with a disability who is determined to live a normal life, to pursue a career, and to do whatever he wants to achieve. He is able to communicate and interact with his friends in one of the major social media in the web through a talking computer.

Anthony with his college mates in toga
Anthony in toga with his fellow graduates
I have also a friend who is blind from birth. His name is Melchor Aidan Tumbos. Now he is a successful teacher in the special education class in Bacolod City. He is an adept speaker and a creative writer. He leads a group or an association of disabled persons in Bacolod.

Another one blind friend I have is a Hong Kong professor Engineer. He is the hubby of our best friend.  He is Steve Fung, a college professor in the University of Hong Kong. I have an unexpected meeting with him sometime in October 15, 2011, two days after our birthday. He is with his wife, our best friend. This is why I met Prof, Fung.

Anthony Mark with his parents and youngest sister
Anthony Mark with his sister Angel and his parents, Cesilio and Angela.
How We Become Friends?

After  I watched a TV news on a blind student who graduated cum laude, I right away searched the net and I found several references on this brilliant college student, Mark Anthony Emocling, especially in the major social media.

I tried to contact him and requested him to be one of his friends and he didn't fail me. After the night that news about him, we became friends, fast friend. He is a humble fellow. keen to reply for every question I asked him.

Plans and Advocacy

I asked him on how grateful he is in his highest academic achievement.

Anthony replied, "I can’t really describe how grateful I am sir, but I am happy. And I offer it all to God and to my loving parents that always there for me and my sisters. Plans."

I followed it up by asking his plan in life. Then he replied, "I’ll try to enter the law school, and try to find job."

He also added that he is advocating the rights of PWD’s specially on their job or employment opportunity. He noticed that it is hard to convince people that people with disability are also productive citizen.

PWD: Failure Never a Hindrance

"Failure is not a hindrance to success" goes a saying that inspires Anthony Mark, Melchor and even the rest of those who are inflicted by disabilities of any form. Their frailties or physical disabilities do not obstruct them of attaining their ambitions in life and especially to live a life like the normal individual. The Philippine government is duly recognizing them and providing the avenue for their skills and opportunity to be productive like the normal person.

To Anthony Mark, congratulations! Godspeed!

images courtesy of Anthony Mark Emocling


  1. An inspiring story proves that having physical disabilities never hinder us to achieve our dreams esp in education. Keep on inspiring us Anthony!

  2. I read his story in the newspaper- he is indeed an inspiration. His story teaches us not to stop dreaming- that No matter what is the situation, hope is always there - just have courage and faith!

  3. this just proves that with God nothing is impossible...a disability is not a hindrance to success as long as you do not lose hope and stay strong. Nice article.

  4. His story is inspiring since he never let his blindness limit his capabilities. I am sure she would be a good and inspirational teacher.

  5. wow! he truly is a source of inspiration to anyone who reads about his story! i have seen him in the evening news a few days ago. this is perfect example that we are only limited to the scope of our dreams and aspirations and that physical imperfections and handicap cannot prevent us from reaching for our dreams

    Godspeed to you Anthony Mark, looking forward to all the things you will be achieving in the future!

  6. He is very inspiring, disability was never been a hindrance to him and I saluted him.

  7. I admire people that despite having disability they strive to pursue their dreams and attain success. He is for sure an inspiration to all. Thanks for sharing this story.

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