Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Role and His Family

In this momentous day of all fathers, I am always reminded of my lovely family all through the years... I really love them, provide for their needs spiritually, economically, among others. My wife and I do love them...

My Family
My Family
Importance of Family

There is no important in life than a family. For I know no success could value more than a family solidarity. My extended family who gives me the value of being a great father and provider under the inspiration of the Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for raising them, bringing them up according to the "nurture and admonition of the Lord." In this Father's Day, I realize the importance of a family in which I never fail them for I know family could be together forever.

Father's Day

What a nice feeling I have had! specially early this morning my youngest daughter, Gigi gave me a warm hug and greeted me "Happy Father's Day" and also a greetings from my 2nd eldest daughter, Gingging. They're so thoughtful. I am very thankful for them.

Our eldest son, Greg Camporazo who is living far from us did miss of greeting me too. Je just sent me text message greeting me Father's Day. Greg is far from us yet he takes time for us. I replied him, "We love you, Dondon. Take care for yourself. Thanks for the greetings."

In the Church, a miniature token of a plastic wrapped clear glass filled with tiny white pebbles prepared by the Relief Society for the fathers was given to the respective father, a hubby of every mother. Ma. Ma Carissa, our daughter-in-law gives one to her hubby, Gilbor Camporazo Jr. and my wife, Rebecca also gives me one while we were waiting for our Sacrament meeting.

My daughters
Gingging and Gigi, my daughters
Social Media Greetings

Gingging wrote in her page, "I try to make musical video offered to my father and all fathers out there but i've got audio difficulties so i decided to post a songs. Just to show my appreciations .... Sa lahat po sa mga friends ko na Wala na yung mga fathers nila.... these wonderful songs is specially dedicated to all..I know even wl sila sa mga tabi niyo they Love you much more than you know so keep smiling .... Give thanks and show the love we got to Our fathers while they here na kapiling panatin sila...... Cheers to all Fathers Specially to my Tatay Gil Camporazo........ and to my brother na nasa malayo happy fathers day Greg Camporazo."

She wrote more saying Happy fathers day tatay.... I Love you .... God bless you and keep you safe always.And more years to come that we enjoy together as Family.

Our friend from Australia, Lorin Rowe wrote, "Nong Gil Camporazo you're very lucky got a loving and caring daughter!!!"

I replied her that she's absolutely correct. Gingging is caring and thoughtful daughter. That is why I am thankful for her for her greetings to. I do love her, her siblings and especially their mother.

Gingging replied back, "thank u also tay ... thank u is not enough but i was bless to have you cuz without you im not here where I'am today.. thank you and I Love You Too."

Special friends
Art Tolentino and his wife, Juliet, my special friends
Greetings from Special Friend

While I was attending our Sunday services, a text message was sent to my cell phone. It says, "Each day is full of reasons to praise and thank God. Even life seems void of comfort and joy... When our cups are empty, GOD fills them up. Real happiness comes not on achieving big things but enjoying God's simple blessings in LIFE. Happy Father's Day !!! fr. Art, Juliet an AJ."

Art is Church leader in Quezon. He was the one who baptized me in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints here in our place. That was sometime in 1980.

After our Sunday services that we have attended, a special video presentation was shown, showing some selected fathers with their respective family, their happy moments with their family members. The video was created by Archie Oroceo, a return missionary from Angeles mission. The facilities for the preparation of this wonderful video was provided by Sister Erna Lyn Montero.

Special Video Presentation


  1. Very well said Sir Gil and nice tribute this Father's Day from your children. Happy Father's Day din po sa inyo.

  2. It is nice to read about how you celebrated the last Father's Day with your family. Belated Happy Father's Day to you!

  3. I guess while Mom's are the do-it-all in the household, it's the father that becomes the role model and guide in the family. Knowing how much greetings you had just signifies how good a dad you are.

  4. It's great that you are happy attending the church service with your family. A family that prays together stays together. :)

  5. Happy fathers day - kahit belated na po. A father really has a major role in bringing up the kids and influencing them to be good people :) Congratulations on having such wonderful kids :)

  6. happy fathers day sir kahit medyo delayed :) you said it all so well... you are so blessed with so wonderful kids and I wonder someday will I be blessed with kids like yours

  7. It's nice to see your family since you are starting until your children have grown and have their own children. Their lucky to have a good father who has passed on a good and strong moral values to them.

  8. Thank God for fathers like you! For the fathers who give much importance to family and children! Cheers and God bless you more!

  9. happy father's day sir, i hope you had a great celebration last time. :)

  10. such a sweet fathers day you had Sir Gil! indeed you're very lucky to have your kids around being so thoughtful everytime and never forget you even though they are far away from you!

  11. Happy Father's day to you Sir Gil!!! the video is just so sweet...

  12. After reading this post I missed my father Y_Y It's like almost a year or two since we talked. Belated Happy Fathers day to you Sir Gil :)

  13. Happy father's to you! How I wish all fathers out there are the also like you. Sweet, Caring & Loving. Your family is lucky to have you Sir Gil! :)

  14. Happy father's day Sir Gil, I'm sure you are a great father to your children. :D

  15. nice videeeeo :)) belated happy fathers day :)

  16. There's no better time to appreciate fathers than knowing that everyday is gift.. It doesnt matter if its the fathers day or not.
    A fathers love may differ from that of a mother, but as parents, it is encompassing and eternal.
    I greeted my Papa on father's day, I know in my heart that he appreciates it though he is not as showy as my Mama does.
    But it doesnt matter, I know I have a Patriarch who loves me unconditionally.
    Happy Father's Day Sir!

  17. Growing up until college, I was never close to my dad. But I never, even once, forgotten all the sacrifices he made for our family. And the past Father's Day, i did not blog about how I felt because it'd get me really emotional. Instead, i posted a short message on Facebook and it goes like... "To someone who says yes when mom says no... To someone who wants to catch me before I fall but instead picks me up, brushes me off and lets me try again... To someone who wants to keep me from making mistakes but lets me find my own way, even though his heart breaks in silence everytime I get hurt... And to someone whose hardships are no one to compare... THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING ME FOR WHO I AM. :')"

    I can't imagine life without my mum and dad. That being said, I will always be grateful to our creator. Sorry for this VERY long comment. Happy Father's Day, sir Gil! :)

  18. This may be late, but belated Happy Father's Day to you, sir Gil! As a daughter to my own dad, I know how had fathers work to provide and to guide the whole family. Cheers and God bless you and your family more! :)

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