Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making The Most of SBM

Elementary and secondary school heads of the Division of La Carlota City convened for a 2-day seminar/workshop tackling the task on the implementing guidelines on the revised school-based management (SBM) framework, assessment process and tool as provided by DepEd Order No. 83, s. 2012.

Schools division superintendent Portia M. Mallorca of La Carlota City of Department of Education (DepEd) congratulated all school heads for a job well done in the latest National Achievement Test (NAT) of Grade 6 conducted by the National Education Testing and Research center (NETRC) in 2012.

Though, the Division of La Carlota City has not reached its target of 75% Mean Percentage Score (MPS), she praised them for having a favorably increase of the said MPS of every school.

This achievement has implied for the success of School-based management, according to Mallorca. In her opening remarks, she said that SBM is a success in the division of La Carlota for the division herself is an achiever as far as SBM implementation is concerned. She deplored that SBM is a problem once the fund is downloaded due to undue process of implementation.

"Make the most of it," she urged everyone.

The Seminar

SBM coordinator Rosario R. Arranguez did the first session. She tackled the rationale of ACCESs (a Child and community-centered Education System). She was followed by Ms. Leilanie D. Castillo who handled the revised SBM-PASBE Framework until lunch time.

In the afternoon, Ms. Sonia Oplas of La Carlota North Elem. School discussed the SBM processes, stressed the importance of supporting documents for SBM evaluation soon to be conducted by the task force assigned..

Food for Thought

"Have you experienced while giving a talk, nobody seems not listening?" I opened up to share my instant food for thought. But nobody knows that Someone up there keeps on listening. He does know everything we do. And He really does care for us.

Anyway I addressed the school heads as "intelligent" for I know they're committed, well-trained and experienced school-based management implementors. Every seminar, workshop is conducted which we always attend we're haunted with fear for we're afraid that we couldn't meet what is expected from us. Along this line, I  shared the latest movie I've seen, "The Hunger Game" which I got an inspiring statement that says: "Hope is the only thing that is stronger than fear."

I concluded my thought by relating a pioneer settlers to a new place. Along the way, they met a terrible experience. Some of them had died, frozen to death. They merely traveled by foot with a handcart carrying their belongings. While they're traveling they're inspired by song that says "put your shoulder to wheel, push along. do your duty with a heart, full of song" and they succeeded in settling to a place which stood the temple of God.

The title of this Church hymn which those lines I cited is "The world has need of willing hand", a Mormon hymn.

The Program

While the program was facilitated by Efren Otico of San Miguel Elem. School as master of ceremony, Energizer Allan Marabayles of Miguel Mondia Elem. School, Opening Prayer Petronilo Bartolo of Nagasi Elem School, and national anthem was led by Lynold Sansaet of Salamanca Elem. School. Lanyards | Custom Lanyards | Lanyards Custom | As Low As $0.44 Automated Quotation System Online you can easy to Select what your product needs. Cheapest price Guarantee, Free 2 days quick Shipping

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