Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Knowledge To Save Environment

Can earth survive, if the environment is taken cared of?

This is the very question that I am asking myself while attending another environment forum conducted by the city of La Carlota recently. This annual enrivonment forum was participated in by different agencies within the city like the schools, both public and private; people's organizations, non-government organizations, government entities, religious and civic organizations.

entry for poster-making contest on environment
My science teacher, Ms. Gemma Salazar and her two grade six pupils represented our school, Cubay Elementary School at the function hall of the city.

Information Officer of the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) Ms. Olive H. Seruelo was invited once again to share her informative and prolific thoughts on environment. This year, she comprehensively unfolded the legitimate action on how to save the earth with a detailed plan of actions.

She informed that this year's theme: "One Earth, One Chance, One Choice" is very timely and there is still big hope that the deteriorating earth that we live in could still be saved for it takes a knowledge, an awareness, and a consciousness of what is really happening around us.


Stakeholders like the barangay residents, the students, the family members, the employees, among others have the direct responsibility to protect the environment, the speaker opened up her lengthy discussions on the topic of saving the earth.

Saving the earth, according to her, is like doing a good housekeeping. She mentioned about ecology as the study of good housekeeping. The primary concern of ecology is directed to the population, community and the ecosystem.

Seruelo giving the lecture
Seruelo giving the lecture
Functional Components of an Ecosystem:

1. Food chain
2. Energy flow
3. Diversity
4. Evolution
5. Ecosystem development or ecological succession
6. Control or Cybernetics

5 Laws  of Ecology

Seruelo discussed the following laws of ecology coupled with supporting facts and principles. These laws are:

1. Nature knows best
2. Everything must go somewhere
3. Everything is related to everything else
4. All forms of life are important
5. Ours is a finite earth


She said that since there is only one chance for the earth to survive, the action should be geared towards good enrivonmental governance. And this governance may effectively cover the following:

The Participants
The Participants
1. Functionality
2. Transparency
3. Accountability
4. Participatory
5. Rule of law
6. Responsiveness
7. Consensus directed
8. Equity inclusiveness
9. Effectiveness and efficiency

She was optimistic that a sustainable human development actions taken to reality could solve the problem.


Now she asked on what to do for the dying earth. Of course, saving it. And she outlined the following course of action by knowing and doing:

1. Eco-garden
2. Energy consevation
3. Water conservation
4. Physical greening
5. Environmental education
6. Advocacy

She urged the public and the local government units they should have and apply the knowledge, awareness, and consciousness of what's the environment all about, its facts and its importance. She stressed that learning is a process, a creative process by working and doing it.

Everyone should work for it is a condition that reflects self-worth to an organization. "Knowledge showing with a passion"


  1. This event sends a really nice message since our environment really needs a lot of care so it can be sustainable.

  2. This even is needed to send out more awareness about safeguarding our environment. People need constant reminder that mother nature needs to be preserved for the next generation.


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