Monday, July 22, 2013

A Birdie Entered My Office

When you are inside your office and a tiny bird has visited you, wouldn't you be surprised?

PH Maya, former national bird
When I was about to take my lunch ten minutes to twelve in the morning, I noticed a tiny bird slowly got into my office through the wide open door.

I was seated at the end of a glass dining table so I craned my neck to watch that innocent bird which kept on jumping towards the center of the office. It kept on turning its head. It even glanced at me, but it bothered it. It took that agile birdie a couple of minutes before it went back to the door walking, jumping, walking, jumping. Upon reaching the woven-rug door mat, it swiftly flew away to the air.

With Thanksgiving and Happiness

"Why?" I asked myself. I know that the bird by its instinct already knew my presence. Besides, I kept on moving my head and readying myself to take my cell phone from its case tucked in my right waist. I was too late to take the bird's picture when it was already outside the door and gone to nowhere.

Maya PH National Bird
Anyway, as I was watching the bird, I grinned with a profound thoughts of gratefulness and happiness.

Our school, since it was Monday, was full of pupils. You can overhear the noise the school children was making. Birds are just flying over the school for our pupils are not shooing them. Even myself, I love bird watching.

In that moment, I was very thankful that a little innocent bird difted into my tidy office, searching for what, that's i didn't know. Anyway, I felt glad that a little creature visited me and had taken a look of my humble office. This incidence is very rare.

Birds Live by Instinct

Birds do their routine activities everyday through their instincts. They fly to the world they want to and enjoy the freedom of flying.

They have specified span of life to stay here in the world. They exist in their place of abode according to their habitat. Some birds are extinct. They are killed, abused and even caught for sale.

Birds are one of the creatures of God, that they need to be taken care of, nurtured to live as like the other living creatures by man. Even the Bible says that God has fed them for they eat fruits, nectar, plants, among others.

This Is the Bird

That little jerky bird that paid a visit in my office is Maya which is considered as the national bird of the Philipines and later it was replaced by Monkey-eating eagle.

Maya is abundant in my school. It likes to play outside my office, particularly the porch. School children are advised not to harm them, not disturb them. They are told just to watch them.

It was a momentous day in my life that Maya paid a courtesy call to me while I was eating my lunch. I was happy. I thank God for that rare opportunity.


  1. Its coming to you is like delivering a silent message you will know soon. :)

  2. I guess, the bird is just checking on you sir and would like to remind you something. :D

  3. You had a nice visitor :) I wish I 'd be visited by something like that too but I doubt it since I'm located in a busy metropolis.

  4. I love birds, especially birds that do not fly like penguins and gamefowls! Hehehe =)

  5. Those are profound thoughts about a bird that entered your office. I do believe that there is a meaning to everything that happens to us.

  6. i think this specie is endangered so we need to take good care of them!

  7. It finds peace in your presence and haven in your office.

  8. My youngest daughter loves taking pictures of birds in our place since they are so many.

  9. Oh I hope this will not happen to me. I'm afraid of birds or anything with feathers :(

  10. We have lots of birds here. And I love to watch them paying a visit into my property. Their noise is music to my ears.

  11. great encounter with the bird. what just saddens me is that knowing how rich our natural resources are, even the birds have come into extinction and the way they are treated they never wanted to get close to human at all. encounters like your have become very rare:(

  12. that a great story sir Gil. I live in malaysia on the 13th floor and every morning there's a lot of birds resting to our balcony and sad to say and annoyingly that I needed to clean our balcony and scrub the it everyday because they always eat and leave there poo after wards haha

  13. Knowing the Maya birds are got easily distracted by just human presence and they flew instantly. Your encounter with this bird is truly remarkable.

  14. Sir, that cute little birdie is relaying a message. Your school is Nature friendly, and they (birds) are so thankful for their new abode.

  15. The birdie has something to say to you.. Sana I can also see birds on my windows, Sir. Hehe

  16. That unexpected guest definitely brought you happiness. God is really great! :)

  17. I used to see a lot of Maya's in our village here in Alabang Southvale when i was in highschool but ive noticed its all gone. I have always been amaze of how these cute little birds look and sound. Its just sad hat most of them are not well-taken cared of by the government.

  18. This is what we normally say that best things in life are free. It's very rare that you get a visit from a bird most especially in our modern days today that there are not that much trees around.


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