Saturday, July 20, 2013

Campaign for Dengue-Free School

Isolated cases of Dengue fever in some  barangay here in our small city of La Carlota were quite alarming. And one of our male pupils had been reported to be stricken by this dengue virus from the place where he lives. He was confined to hospital for several days and later he was discharged after fully recovered from the said malady.

Aedes Aegypti
The 23 elementary schools and 5 secondary schools in our school division are looked into. With this number of schools, the division is so sensitive for the situation that the pupils and students will be victimized by this life-threatening dengue carrying mosquitoes if not properly checked and prevented. To this effect, therefore, the Schools Division Superintendent issued a memorandum on the campaign for Dengue-Free school.

The memo said that the division leads the campaign for dengue-free school so as to have a safe school environment for the children, teachers and non-teaching personnel.

This campaign aims to monitor and prevent outbreak of dengue virus including other tropical disease which would affect the safety of the school children, teachers, and others.

Things to be done:

a. Simultaneous clean-up of school surroundings through proper garbage disposal and no stagnant water in the classrooms and school premises.

DepEd La Carlota Division logo
b. Information and education campaign (IEC) on dengue prevention and control advocacy during flag ceremony and PTA assembly.

c. Hang signages in strategic places to constantly remind the school community on dengue prevention and control.

d. Integration of dengue prevention and control measures in classroom instruction.

e. Conduct immediate implementation of the DOST Mosquito Ovicidal/Larvicidal Trap and submit report for appropriate action.

f. Support the implementation of dengue control program of the city and national government

The different pupil/student organizations like Supreme Student Government for the high school, Supreme Pupil Government for the elementary, and other school organizations are encouraged to adopt certain areas in the school for continuous clean-up drive.

4s Approach to Fight Dengue

Dengue prevention and control is said to be everybody's responsibility. 4s approach is recommended like

Search and Destroy,
Seek immediate consultation, and
Say no to indiscriminate fogging.

The division of La Carlota is strongly confident to have a dengue-free schools if everybody will do his/her share for this is "Everybody's responsibility."


  1. Students should be required to wear longer socks and some more clothes to prevent mosquitoes from biting them.

  2. This is a good moved from the school,I like the 4s approach to fight dengue, specially 1. search and destroy. I think every school should have this.

  3. I thinks once in a month general cleaning in every school room and surrounding will help a lot - pwedeng pag-usapan ng PTCA :) then yung mga parents pabaunan ng mosquito repellent lotions ang mga bata :)

  4. Dengue can be lethal. Cleanliness should be observe within the school and also on personal hygiene. The long socks should also work.

  5. every school ought to aim to have zero-dengue scheme + this is a very note-worthy action from your school to take the initiative. cases of dengue have shoot up to alarming rate + we must take it upon ourselves to equip + protect our children from this deadly disease.

    natural mosquito repellent must also be prescribed to children to apply onto their bodies whenever they head out home, just to be on the safe side.

  6. Whenever I hear the word dengue, I almost get teary-eyed because I suddenly remember a former classmate who died because of this disease.


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