Monday, July 1, 2013

Are Pupils Ready When Disaster Happens?

Most of the teachers and even the school heads had missed to observe the month of July as the National Disaster Month by virtue of Executive Order of 1999.They are used to celebrate the month of July as the Nutrition Month.

Pupils reading the disaster risk reduction and management visual aid
This morning in our flag ceremony of our school, Cubay Elementary School, I apprised our pupils the importance of disaster preparedness and checked themselves on how ready and prepared they are when natural calamities or disasters may occur anytime, especially when they least expect them. I reminded them how terrible it was before when they personally experienced the earthquake last year that shook the school for more than 8 minutes.

I remember that every one got panicked, cried and even trembled for fear that their lives are endangered. I was even affected too for it was the first time that I felt that tremor which moved the sala set which I was sitting when that quake struck. I got out from my office feeling dizzy, walking groggy.

Disaster Preparedness

With the printed tarpaulin on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management I ordered during our MANCOM at CACMES lately, I presented it to the pupils and discussed to them on what to do during earthquake, flood, tsunami, and fire after the 10-minute flag ceremony.

School principal discussing the importance of disaster preparedness
During the day, I visited every classroom and distributed to the teacher the school disaster plan and the composition of school disaster committee with their respective duties and responsibilities.

I reminded them of our regular earthquake drill every quarter in which the pupils were already familiar and knew well on what to do and where to proceed in case of an earthquake.

Traumatic Experience

Some of our pupils had still recalled their traumatic experience when the earthquake of February 6, 2012 with 6.8 intensity shook the Eastern part of Negros Occidental island including our place, La Carlota City.

They remembered how the coconut trees shook rapidly during the quake before noon of that day. Some recalled how their classmates quivered, getting nervous, cried very loud, and calling for their parents.

Any day from this month, fire drill, earthquake drill may be conducted when the pupils least expect it to find out on how alert they are, on how prepared they are for that disaster.

Readiness and preparedness are the basic defense when calamity or disaster may strike, when everyone is unaware. Last year we conducted an earthquake drill.


  1. I was a student when the 7.7 earthquake happened in Baguio so I really appreciate the efforts in preparing children for disasters.

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