Saturday, August 24, 2013

Abolishing 'Pork Barrel' : Good or Bad?

A big group of concerned tax-payers will converge at a Rizal park Monday to dramatize how they vehemently opposed the "pork barrel" for the lawmakers, which had been allegedly misused. They re demanding through this protest rally for the outright scrapping of this controversial priority development assistance fund intended for the community project of the legislators.

No to pork barrel
True to his conviction for his political battlecry, "Matuwid na Daan" (good governance), President Noynoy Aquino courageously made to the public for his decision as the chief executive of the country to abolish the "pork barrel". He had made up his mind for this, 3 days before the scheduled "Million March" in the Luneta by the concerned Filipinos.

In a news, he said, “There are those who treat the PDAF as their own private fund, to use as they please. This is clearly wrong: What is involved here is the people’s money; it should be used for the benefit of the people, and not for the benefit of a few greedy individuals.”

Though before he was adamant to scrap this controversial pork barrel, for he wanted this thing to be reformed and be utilized properly. However, he was prompted for this bold decision after the release of the findings of the Commission on Audit (COA) Special Audit Report in the 2007-2009 PDAF, which he himself described it as "shocking and scandalous".

He treated it seriously. He even wanted an immediate investigation of those erring lawmakers and if they found guilty they should be "put behind bars" and the money involved should be returned to the government's coffer.

Though this expection seems to be "difficult", but yet PNoy is too optimistic that those accused should be convicted while he is still in his term.

Pork Barrel

"The term pork barrel politics usually refers to spending which is intended to benefit constituents of a politician in return for their political support, either in the form of campaign contributions or votes." defined Wikipedia.

What do you think? Does it seem anomalous?

"Typically, 'pork' involves funding for government programs whose economic or service benefits are concentrated in a particular area but whose costs are spread among all taxpayers. Public works projects, certain national defense spending projects, and agricultural subsidies are the most commonly cited examples."

Does the President Make the Appropirate Decision?

The PNoy has  abolished this corruption-tainted PDAF on the following grounds as culled from the latest news:
  1. "Shocking and scandalous"
  2. Treated by legislators as their own private fund
  3. Benefited greedy individuals
  4. Scandalized the whole government system
  5. Stop PDAF system for abuse
  6. Due to People's outrage
  7. Keeping the mandate of his true bosses, the Filipino
  8. "Listening President"

Creation of Anti-Graft Council

The members of Anti-Graft Council, who will handle cases filed for PDAF abuses as  are as follows:
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, and COA Chairman Grace Pulido Tan.

The President has strong confidence with these persons for their impartiality and integrity. "I know they that they will be impartial and just," the President said in a news.

Not only PDAF would be abolished but the President's Special Fund (PSF) should be scrapped too as proposed by a senator. Why PSF is to be included along with the abolition of PDAF? Is the President's special fund tainted with anomaly?

Author of Anomalous PDAF Disclosure

According to the news, Benhur Luy is the whisteblower who allegedly exposed the involvement of legislators and public officials for multi million-peoso projects funded from PDAF. He is a relative and a former "trusted employee" of Janet Napoles who is allegedly idenified as the author of pork barrel misue and who is the target for investigation to shed truth on the said huge money manipulation out of PDAF. He was detained for 3 months for a "spiritual retreat".

The scrapping off of legislator's "pork barrel", good or bad? What is your stand on this matter as a tax-payer or a sympathizer of the Filipino people?


  1. Pork barrel legislation is very good for the people in the legislator's district, but it is very bad for everyone else paying taxes, because it targets tax money for a few people rather than for everyone. And really, I'm so affected haha.

  2. I think that this fund is really needed by our senators and congressmen for projects. It's just sad that they misused it to feed their greed. There should be more check and balance, which I don't really know how it's going to be done with this very corrupt system. This is very frustrating and definitely needs to change!

  3. Well I seriously think abolishing pork barrel will benefit the masses. =)

  4. It has to go as they can always come up with a project based scheme that can be supported by hard projects.

  5. I think we should really scrap the pork barrel and change the system.

  6. pork barrel should be abolished because it greatly affects our economy.


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