Tuesday, August 27, 2013

CES : Memorable School to Reckon With

Three school heads were able to revisit their former school while conducting their District reading assessment and math inventory to check the skills of the school children under the said district.

Pupil reading conducted by the school head
Pupil reading conducted by school head
Reading and computing are the basic skills the pupils must master for them to be considered as learned and educated.

Reading measures the pupils ability to comprehend, ability to analyze, ability pronounce or enunciate the words or phrases in a given selection.

Computing tests the pupils ability to count, ability to quantify numbers, and the ability to measures or perform the basic mathematics operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

These inventories are usually conducted by the school right after the first periodical tests. By this, the school principal may determine the number of pupils his school has and he is in advantage position to adapt intervention for those who are non-readers, needed help, and those who couldn't master the basic mathematical operations.

School District Conducting

The District II of the division of La Carlota started its first reading assessment and math inventory to the elementary schools under it like Balabag ES 1 and 2, Caiñaman ES, Salamanca ES, Ferlou ES, Cubay ES, Nagasi ES, Sugar Central ES, RSB ES, Esperanza ES and North ES.

The school administrators of the respective mentioned school were grouped into 2 teams to handle this reading and math inventory for several days.

Team A was composed of Mrs. Sonia B. Oplas assigned to Grade 2 as the chairman, with members: Mr. Petronilo Bartolo, Grade 5 and 6, Mr. Rolando Heria, Math, Mrs. Carol Abalajon, Grad 4, and Mrs. Analiza Bionat, Grade 3.

Team B reading members
Team B Reading Members
Team B was composed of Mrs. Leny Nillos, Grade 6 as chairman with members: Mr. Jayme Omalde, Grade 4, Mr. Gilbor Camporazo, Grade 3, Mr. Leynold Sansaet, Math, Mrs. Brenda Nazareno, Grade 5, and Mrs. Analiza Vargas, Grade 2.

Schedule of Activity 

The schedule was divided into four days:
Day 1 in the morning, Balabag Es and in the afternoon, Caiñaman ES and Caiñaman ES extension.
Day 2: in the morning Salamanca ES and Cubay ES; in the afternoon, Nagasi ES.
Day 3: Batuan ES and Ferlo ES in the morning; RSB ES in the afternoon.
Day 4: Esperanza ES and La Carlota Sugar Central; in the afternoon, La Carlota North ES.

All schools concerned are required to prepare for their respective Spencer's card (Math), reading materials, and list of ppils by class from grades 2 to 6.

Rating System

Rating for reading are good, fair (passing), needs help and non-reader (remedial reading). Rating for math inventory, 74% and below score, remediation; 75% and above, Passing.

Dr. Rosario R. Arranguez is supervising these district II school heads. Team leaders are responsible for the consolidation of the school inventory report.

Worth Reckoning of Former School

School heads of Cainaman Elementary School
School Heads of Caiñaman Elementary School
School heads Leny Nillos,Jayme Omadle, and this blogger were able to revisit their former school, Caiñaman ES which is presently headed by Ms. Brenda  The said school was included in their assigned school for the reading and math inventory.

This blogger took time out to revisit his former classroom where he taught the grade 4, 5 and 6 pupils in elementary agriculture, English, Math, Music and PE, and Social Studies. After he conducted the inventory, he was able to renew his acquaintances with his friends living near the school like Magsipoc family, brother and sister Marlon and Florence, and their father, Botsot.

It is still fresh in his mind of his 7 years stint the said school as the school head. Something amusing, wonderful, and challenging had flashed to his pensive mood. He has recalled the happiest moment he had had with his pupils and co-teachers.


  1. It is really nice to know that schools have reading and math inventory. In my son's school there's MTAP, selected students are required to attend Math lessons every Saturday for 6 weeks.

  2. It's nice to see you visiting your old school. It must be melancholic seeing the old school again.

  3. Visiting an alma mater is worthwhile. There's a lot of memories attached and what's good is that the same faces of teachers can be seen and they remember you after all these years.


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