Monday, August 12, 2013

Salibio, The Bishop I Worked With, Is Anointed

I miss the person I most admired as a good ecclesiastical leader of our Church after he retired from his job as a master teacher of La Carlota South Elementary School 1 and he transferred residence to Laguna, Metro Manila.

Bishop Salibio
Bishop Salibio
Now he's enjoying his life with his loving wife, married daughters and vibrant and wonderful grandchildren, and receiving his monthly pension with gusto. He is a layman called as a Bishop by the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to lead a group of LDS saints here in our place. I have no doubt of supporting, sustaining him in his spiritual calling as a Bishop in our ward.

I was able to come across with his recent pictures while I was browsing my social media account and he was celebrating his 72th year birthday at that time. So I was thinking on what tribute I could share him in his special day. Well, I have come up with this humble tribute for him by being grateful for his kindness, for his sincere friendship and camaraderie, and of his being helpful and caring for the flocks under his stewardship including my own family.

Serving the Church with Bishop Salibio

Out of my Church membership for 33 years, I had served with the two Bishops. It was my testimony that they're really called of God to do such ecclesiastical calling and to lead God's saints in our locality, particularly in La Carlota City.

When La Carlota First Branch was converted to ward and the members of the Bishoprics were selected through a priesthood interview and they're sustained in a special Church conference, I was spiritually happy and strengthened for I was sustained to be one of the members of the Bishoprics.

Bishop Salibio and his wife
La Carlota Ward Anointed Bishop

Brother Jaime T. Salibio was called of God through the living prophet of the Church as the first Bishop of La Carlota Ward and I was sustained as a ward clerk. I was able to serve Bishop Salibio for 5 years before he was released when La Carlota Ward was divided to accommodate great number of members. Thus, first and second wards were created.

By profession, Bishop Salibio was a classroom teacher. We belong to one school in La Carlota South Elementary School 1. He was a math master teacher and class adviser. He was also a good scout master. He was a humble and caring father of 6 lovely daughters, Cecil, Tess, Paz, Teresita, Emma, and Rhonda, and loving and caring husband to his beloved wife, Florencia.

Bishop Salibio had a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He spiritually strengthened the members of his full wisdom of the Gospel.

Bishop Salibio and his lovely family of daughters
Bishop Salibio and his lovely family of daughters
When retired from as a teacher and was also released as Bishop of La Carlota 2nd Ward, he and wife went to Manila and right now permanently residing with his daughter in Laguna, Metro Manila.

My Bishop Is 72 Years Old

Brother Salibio is still strong, alert and vibrant in his age of 72 years old.

This is away of expressing my gratitude of our good companionship, friendship, and in doing the Lord's work. I am greatly happy upon seeing former Bishop Salibio again in the Facebook through his daughter's account.

Thank you, Bishop Salibio for the blessing you shared to me when we were together in our ward in the Bishopric. I know you're called of God to serve as the first Bishop of our ward. God Bless!


  1. It's always good to find long-time friends- thanks to social networking sites like FB. It connects people and memories...

  2. I can imagine what noble person is Bishop Salibio. I wish him well and healthy retirement.

  3. I'm sure Bishop Salibio was able to touch a lot of lives, especially among your church mates.

  4. Bishop Salibio is another example of a good role model to look up to. May his life serve as a testimony for other people to believe in the message of the lord.


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