Friday, August 16, 2013

School Heads Secure, Protect Learners Info

School heads in the Division of La Carlota City have worked out for securing and protecting their learners data in an online workshop conducted by the Division planning officer.

Online workshop on housekeeping learners data
The different schools head of the Division of La Carlota gathered in hands-on workshop on the basic data housekeeping and implementation of learner information system for school year 2013-2014 in compliance with DepEd Order No. 33 s. 2013 issued by Department of Education (DepEd) secretary Armin A. Luistro, dated July 23, 2013.

These school heads together with their respective information and communication technology (ICT) teacher updated their school data by accessing them online using their laptop with the guided instructions from the division planning officer who handled this workshop. Some of them, however, found technical problem in doing their work for poor internet connection and unavailability links of needed school data.

Legal Basis

The author and his ICT teacher
The author and his ICT teacher
It was sometime in September 2012 wherein the LIS was implemented in government schools and community learning centers (CLCs). And also the issuance of a unique Learner Reference Number (LRN) to learners enrolled in public schools and Alternative Learning System (ALS). In so doing, a centralized "Learner Registry" is realized for easy tracking and decision-making on learners at different aspects of Department of Education management.

How It Is Done

This brief online workshop on learners data housekeeping requires the following basic information about the learner, such as: enrolment date, mother's maiden name, father's name, ethnicity, disability, and balik-aral.

Div. planning officer assisting ICT teacher on encoding
Div. planning officer assisting ICT teacher on encoding
Enrolment date should indicate the date when the learner first reported to class for a certain school year. Ethnicity is referred to the ethnic group to which a learner who is an indigenous people (by definition in IPRA Chapter 11, Section 3) by self-ascription and ascription by others. Disability specifies a learner's disability based on medical certification or by the teacher's observation. And Balik-aral is an indicator to identify a learner enrolled in the current school year, finished a grade level and stopped schooling after a year or more.

The school heads and their ICT teachers do the step-by-step an online housekeeping facility by login in their respective user name and password vi the web address of

Confidentiality of Information

All pieces of information about the learner should be kept confidential in accordance with the provisions of the Data Privacy Act of 2012, the DepEd so stipulates.

Division of La Carlota Participating Schools are the following:

District I elementary schools include the following Balabag, Cainaman, CAC Malipayon, Batuan, Ayungon, Ferlou, and South 1. District II,  Salamanca, Cubay, RSB, Sugar Central, Nagasi, and North Elementary School, SPED integrated school. District III, Ara-al, San Miguel I, San Miguel II, Haguimit I, Haguimit II, Yubo, Miguel Mondia, and South II

Division planning officer Francisca R. Nabor did the task on instructing the principal-teacher participants hands-on online housekeeping and updating school learners data.

Some have already their own school data. While other schools are waiting for the encoded data for the central office is still processing them.

Responsible Person for the security of the learner's data

The following persons are accountable for ensuring the learner information as secured and protected, the collection, updating and processing of information:

a. The class adviser shall be responsible for collecting and updating information on learners in the formal school, ensuring that data captured is supported by appropriate legal documents.

b. The ALS Facilitator for ALS learners

c. The school head shall be responsible for implementing necessary policies and procedures in his/her school to ensure that the collection and processing of learner information is carried out in accordance with the guidelines provided in DepEd Order and that sensitive learner information are protected from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Beating the Deadline

The DepEd Order so requires that the personnel involved in the LIS at the schools, CLCs, district and division levels are allowed to render overtime services during weekdays, weekends and holidays when necessary to meet the LIS target schedules.

LIS Activity

In school level

August 5-22, 2013, Review and housekeeping of learners data by school head
August 23, 2013, Submission of Housekeeping Report signed by the school head to the schools division superintendent

September 2 -13, 2013, updating of learner registry for SY 2013-2014
September 13, 2013, generating masterlist of learners for SY 2013-2014 by the school head.

For details, click DepEd Order No. 33 s. 2013 to download it.


  1. Can anyone be a "learner"? No age limit or background verification to enter?

    1. There is a program that says EFA,meaning education for all. It has no age limit as long as the learner has not yet completed his basic education. In public school, there is no need for background investigation or verification as long as the person is willing to go to school.

    2. I see. I can somewhat relate because we have designed and developed a program (e-assessment for learners who want to continue studying) for BALS (Bureau of Alternative Learning System) of DepEd. The exam is for advancing to elem/high school.

  2. I think with the learner info, there's a better monitoring of the progress of the students.

  3. This is good news for both teachers and learners. I hope every school in this country can employ this kind of program to make learning easier for everyone.

  4. wow. good thing to know that with the online system, there would be less supervision for the needs of the learner.. less supervision but more learnings. :)

  5. Protecting learners info are the right thing to do by school heads. Information needs to be in private.

  6. Glad to hear this. I just hope all of the school in the Philippines would comply with this new DepEd order. It will be easy for the school to monitor their students, in this way.

  7. Everyone would benefit from this especially the students whose mission should be to learn.

  8. This is a good program that protects the info of learners who are enrolled in that school.

  9. This is a really good thing. It's about time that we take things to the next level. And students are not the only ones who need to be educated with technology. Our educators also need to level up.

  10. Good to know that public schools in the Philippines is catching up with technology. As we were so way behind from other countries.

  11. This is good to learn that you have already implemented an on-line system data for your learners, so it would be easy for your school to track any learners record who have enrolled there. I just hope you will finish on the specified deadline.

  12. Kudos to all of you! This is really a good act to educate and at the same time helping both parents and students to have a faster transaction in enrolling. No more hassle. No more lost files. Just keep the monitoring online to have proper guidance.

  13. Looks like teachers are one day will no longer be using chalk and chalk boards. I think it's time to update with the mainstream.

  14. I can relate because my mom was also a teacher when she was still here. It's nice to know about these kinds of projects. I was also involved with this before.

  15. For sure, this workshop has helped lots of people in La Carlota! =)

  16. For a teacher like me this kind of project is very important to school. More time be safe since there will be less supervision on the part of the teachers and much info to absorb for learners.

  17. I think this has something to do with the ICT conference held at the PNU-Taft over the summer which I was invited to cover for my blog. Although I was only their to cover the launch of V-Smart (offline and online learning solution) which will be head-started by De La Salle Zobel.

  18. This is such a good program for both learners and the teachers. Hopefully more technology improvements in the school to happen in the future.

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