Thursday, August 1, 2013

'Truly Terrible. Very Sad Day!'

"It's truly, truly a very sad day. Words are inadequate," said Prime Minister Enrico Letta of Italy as he was quoted by the news on how he described the horrible bus accident that took the lives of 39 and others seriously injured passengers of 50 and it happened recently in the southern part of the province of Avellino, Italy.

For all we know, accident does really happen anywhere, anytime. It may be due to one's negligence, one's carelessness, or whatever.

I was emotionally touched upon reading the tragic news of a transit bus that met an accident and killed several innocent school children who went in a field trip somewhere in Italy, Rome.

As I see several pictures of parents, relativs and friends of the victims from the news, I was terribly disturbed how they felt and grieved so much of the loss of their beloved kids, closed friends, and kins.

Since the cause of the accident was unknown, we surmise that it is the  driver's reckless driving, or his negligence of checking before hand the running condition of his vehicle. Or may be the carelessness of other driver, or the unsafe condition of the road, the unreliable safety measures along the road like the railings, or it may be the weather, among others.

Avellino Vehicular Accident: Worst One

According to the news, the bus or the Coach that transported the school kids and their best of friends and relatives together for a field trip to the hot springs Telese Terme accidentally fell into a ravine of 100-feet high and claimed the driver's life in an instant. As I mentioned earlier the cause of accident was unknown as of this writing pending for the thorough of the investigation.

Witness testified that the bus was running normally when it hit several cars on the road before it jumped over the railings of the flyover and fell down to a 100 hundred feet ravine.

Weeping and crying of the little children were overheard by the rescuers that arrived in the scene of accident in a total dakrness. They cut the metal of the ill-fated bus just to rescue those victims inside and recover those who are dead.


The transit bus was in total wreckage.

A family of four was able to cheat death and survived. A 10-year old girl was also survived. Ten people were severely wounded including the six children. Dead were the unidentified driver and the trip organizer, Luciano Caiazzo.

Again I was touched by a testimony of a certain Mario Terracciano who lost his mother, father and his uncle and aunt in the said horrible accident.Earlier before the accident happened, he was able to talk to his mother who was worried about his lunch. How he grieved so much of losing his mother after an hour.

The town of Pozzuoli outside Naples where most of the passengers live declared a 3-day public mourning to condole with the grieving surviving families of the victims.

The worst vehicular accident ever happened in the southern part of Italy near the province of Avellino.

Source: Daily Mail

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