Friday, September 27, 2013

Division Athletic Meet: 'Achieving Something Honorable'

In every competition, there is always a winner and there is always a loser. But in sports contest, everyone who joins and does excel his best, whether he wins or not, is already a winner.

Vice Mayor Luis J. Jalandoni III
VM Jalandoni
La Carlota Vice Mayor Luis J. Jalandoni in his message firmly believed that there is "something honorable" that could be achieved in an athletic meet like this one of the Division of La Carlota City.

He had stressed that winning contributing factor in this particular meet is determined by the relationship established by every athlete among themselves. He pointed out, "In every endeavor, relationship matters most."

In like manner, City Sports Coordinator Ruben Guerra, my high school batch mate, class 1970 had shared his inspiring words of thought to the competing athletes. He has highly regarded this sports competition as a "hope for a better performance" of everyone. He also strongly believed that success of this activity is achieved because of friendship, harmony, and sportsmanship among the athletes.

School heads in parade
Opening of Athletic Meet

The Division of La Carlota City opens its 2013 Athletic Meet today with a parade to prepare their athletes for the forthcoming provincial meet.

A parade of athletes representing the 3 districts, the high school, and the private high school, Pax Academy started from their assigned venue, made around the main city streets and wounded up at the DHSBNHS athletic oval with their respective delegate drums and bugle corps.

Schools heads from the 3 districts, carrying their own banners had also joined the parade in the main thoroughfares of the city.

The Opening Rites

Inspiring Messages (full text)

a) Vice Mayor Luis J. Jalandoni III Message:
As we hold the Division Athletic Meet starting today, we are reminded of the remarkable contributions that sports and athletics have imparted to the development of our country at large, and of the pride they created in every Filipino.
Each time we learn about the achievements of our Filipino athletes abroad, we realize that we are a nation of great race. For many times we dominate the world's boxing area - and we know that we are not an inferior people. Sports and athletics boost our confidence. It encourages every aspiring athlete to pursue his passion and to find self-fulfillment in sports.
La Carlota City is now a home to promising young players in tennis, in boxing, n in track and field. And I salute everyone who participated in the programs for sports and supported our players - the teachers, coaches, the parents and their co-learners who believed and inspired them to run their race. 
The Division Athletic Meet represents the city government's goal to undertake programs that will put its name in the Philippines and hopefully in the world's athletic map.
I  wish the participants to aim for excellence and to enjoin every moment of the game. Esttablish friendship with your opponents because in every endeavor, relationship matters most. Develop a sense of gratitude to those who are always on hand in pushing you to achieve something honorable.
b) Ruben Guerra, City Sports Coordinator's Message:
Our common goal is to unite all local government units and schools in one converging activity that shall hone the skills and talents of the children through sports and guiding them towards greatness as they attain awards in sports.
City sports coordinator Ruben Guerra
It is therefore our hope that as a contributing LGU in the province-wide sports program. Each of us has share in the building the capability of our people in the field of sports. What we give to our local players to develop them into competitive and award-winning sportsmen shall multiply and strengthen [them] not only our local governments, but also our provincial sports endeavors as well.
Our sports activity today is a symbol of our HOPE for a better performance of our sports officials, athletes, coaches and trainers. Let us build our nation with a sense o oneness, cooperation, teamwork, good health and physical fitness.
We are thankful that as far as this activity is concerned, LGUs have activated their sports sectors so that this tournament of strength, skills, precision, endurance, discipline and sportsmanship may develop into a movement - a mobilization for a better and greater sports endeavor.
May this activity be blest with friendship, harmony, sportsmanship and a great sporting success.

Cheer Dancers in Action

A group of selected PE students of Doña Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School (DHSBNHS) trained by Ms. Jallorina set the excitement of everyone for the 2-day contest of skills and strengths, endurance and determination of every athlete by their awesome, wonderful cheer dance intermission.

Traditional Athletic Meet Rites

Ms. Mithos V. Hiponia, Educational Program Supervisor (EPS), MAPEH welcomed the delegations and expresses her gratefulness for the support of the city government and also the all-out support of the respective school heads of the 23 elementary school and 3 national high schools, and 1 private high school.

Mr. Horacio Cabuguason, Jr.,  Division Sports Coordinator presented the different district athletic delegations. Messages from the vice mayor, city sports coordinator follow.  Then the hoisting of different delegation banners including the division banner is also done.

Taking of Oath

Valerie Jan Desuyo, Palarong Pambansang (national game) tennis player and national officiating official Severino Estrella led the players and officiating officials in their oath respectively.

Ailyn Tumbali, Palarong Pambansang athlete did the ceremonial lighting of friendship torch and urn in a 300-meter run.

Then athletic battle began!

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