Monday, September 23, 2013

Stakeholders' SBM Commitment

Any endeavor for the school's improvement without the commitment of support from the stakeholders is unrealistic. SBM facilitates the academic performance of the school and the like if everybody is involved and committed.

School principal presented the school projects in powerpoint.
Stakeholders of Cubay Elementary School (Division of La Carlota City), both the internal and external, got into details the principles and the new tool for School-based management assessment in a one-day seminar as echoed by the school principal.

The external stakeholder representing the parents, guardians of the school pupils is represented by their PTA president Racquel D. Angelitud along with her federation officers. The community and the Church is represented by the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Masville Branch with his auxiliary officers, the youth, the relief society, the priesthood, and the elders.

The school is represented by its school principal and the chairman handling the four ACCESS Principles like leadership and governance, curriculum and learning, accountability and continuous improvement, and management of resources.

Masvill branch president giving the importance of a family
SBM Features/Characteristics

The revised SBM assessment tool as expounded by the school principle is system-oriented, principle-guided, evidence-based, learner-centered, process-focused, non-prescriptive, user-friendly, collaborative in approach, and results/outcomes focused.

As pointed out in the seminar, there are four ACCESS Principles. The first is leadership and governance which is a network of leadership is prodived and directed to the educational system to make it relevant and responsive to the communities. The second is curriculum and learning. There is a system developed, improved, and anchored on the community and learners' contexts and aspirations.

PTA president giving her words of welcome
The third is accountability and continuous improvement. The community stakeholders are coming up with a clear, transparent, inclusive, and responsive accountability system to monitor the expected and actual performance addressing the gaps; and a venue for feedback and redress. And the last is management of resources. Resources that have been availed or secured by the school are collectively and judiciously mobilized and managed with transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency.

School Transparency

The school principal presented the approved school improvedment plan (SIP) for 2013 to 2015. He also presented the annual procurement plan of the school. Earlier, however, he presented the completed project of the school through a powerpoint presentation, which covers the repair of the 5-span of the perimeter fence, the repair/installation of cyclone wire to the perimeter fence and the replacement of duplex electrical wiring, the repair of the partial of the footwalk leading to the office of the school principal, among others.

Insights, Thoughts and Words of Inspiration

PTA school president Racquel D. Angelitud expressed gratefulness of the invaluable support of the parents, and the PTA officers for the project of the school. She has a lot of project in line this school year and she said this will only be realized if everyone will cooperate.

Johndill ParreƱo, president of Masville Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has also expressed a strong support for the school project intended for the welfare and academic enhancement and development of the pupil. Since the last of September has been observed as the Family Week, he gladly informed that there are week-long activities by the Church. Monday is the opening salvo of this activity. He is very much thankful that they have their community service project in Cubay Elementary School by participating in its seminar on SBM and has familiarized their responsibilities for the realization of the school project under the scheme of SBM.

Family Home Evening - Hymn singing to begin the activity
Family Home Evening

Since family is one of the important influential factors in developing the pupils as a holistic person, a group of five LDS members has demonstrated how FHE is being conducted. In their 20-minute skit on FHE, they stressed the importance of a family prayer, family counsel, family scripture reading.

In addendum, the school principal relayed his personal experience on holding a FHE with one of his children is not around. It seems difficult for him to have an incomplete FHE. Nevertheless, he held the FHE without his eldest son, who is in Mindanao. Timely as it may seem, his cellphone rang and his son from Mindanao has called and wanted to join with the FHE. He opened his CP until his son has shared a message addressing to his other 5 siblings. No one could hinder the holding of FHE, he concluded then.

Family Home Evening - the father counselling
Strong Family, Strong Society

This is the theme of the 2013 National Family Week celebration of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). The school principal as the member of LDS Church informed the stakeholders that family is very important especially when they are working for their spiritual salvation. He expounded that family is a son's or daughter's acronym for "father and mother, I love you."

He also informed that the American is having a turkey for their thanksgiving day, while in family week celebration, the LDS Filipino is having a roasted chicken for a "Kainang pamilya mahalaga" (a family dinner).


To signify their support to the projects and practices of School-based management, the stakeholders signed willingly, without reservation their commitment as follows:

"We, the stakeholders of Cubay Elementary School do solemnly commit ourselves to support all the programs and projects of the school for its physical, academic, and other developmental purposes for the betterment of the pupils and the school community, as a part of school-based management (SBM) program."

All participants signed the commitment.

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