Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rebecca: Enchantress of My Life

No other woman who had greatly influenced my whole life and everything I do, except this woman, Rebecca.

Rebecca Demabildo-Camporazo
In my teenage years, in my studies in high school and in college, in my work, in my Church activities, and most especially in my family well-being, this woman is indispensable.

Rebecca had enchanted me when I first met her in late 1968 somewhere in an open study hall of La Carlota City High School.

Rebecca captured my heart beyond expectation that every time I slept at night I couldn't take enough sleep. I kept on waking up hastening the time for a day break, for another day to see her again in school.

Gil kisses Rebing
Becoming as One

Rebecca brought me to a vow which I couldn't resist even a penny I didn't have to spend for such momentous, special day in my life. Our parents understood us and the humble selected friend teachers of her father as well were too considerate of having no preparation.

We started a family of our own. Rebecca supported me all out in my first job as a bank employee for 5 years, as a Church custodian for 10 years, as a classroom teacher for 11 years, and as a school principal 11 years as of this writing.

Rebecca has fully advocated me in my decision to be baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-way Saints in 1980 in which she did also 2 months later.

Rebecca, 6 children and I took the final decision to perform an ordinance in the Manila Philippines Temple in September 1986. We do believe that our family could be together forever. Thus, we're sealed for time and eternity.

Gil is giving Rebing a stick of roses during mother's day
This Is Her Day

Rebecca is the woman who is always on the alert for bad times and good times. She is the best mother for her children. She is the best wife for me. She is the enchantress of my life. She is my spiritual partner in my life forever and ever.

Today is her 62nd birthday. And it is also my 62nd  birthday. We're both born on October 13, 1951. She is meant for me and I am meant for her too.

Rebing, her nickname, I have nothing to offer you in your birthday today, except my faithful, unfeigned love and care I have for you.

Happy birthday, Rebing! I love you!


  1. What can I say Sir..
    Happy Birthday to you and to your lovely better-half! :)
    Its good to feel greatful and blessed, and to count them starting with people that had been with you all along.

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  3. Awww this is truly a touching piece for Rebecca! :) Happy 62th birthday to her and may God bless you more in the years to come. Love love love!

  4. very sweet and romantic!! i love seeing couple like this that even after thoseyears still strong and happy! happy bday po!

  5. Happy Birthday to the both of you and it's just amazing how you have the same birthday and also meant to spend a lifetime together,

  6. sweet about this post. Happy birthday to you Sir and to your loving wife.

  7. Rebecca is so lucky to have you; your words of love has just been immortalized thru this blog, now that's forever sweet <3

  8. Happy Birthday to both of you! May you and your family continue to be blessed.

  9. Happy Birthday for the two of you! And this is indeed a very sweet present for your wife! Stay strong and may the two of you live longer and happy all the time! :D

  10. Nice to watch couples like this, so loving and very romantic. A couple who has struggled to either be or stay together, proving that sometimes love is enough.

  11. Aw! So very sweet of you. Simply gestures are always the sweetest.

  12. Happy Birthday po sis Rebing. Sir, high school sweetheart mo po pala si Mam. I beleive too na soulmate kayo.

  13. That's so sweet of you. Happy Birthday po. -lencilicious

  14. Oh! this is a very sweet act po,mSir! Happy birthday to the woman you love and shared your happy days with :)

  15. How sweet of you, Sir Gil! Mababait at masarap talaga magmahal tayong mga Librans. Happy birthday po sa inyong dalawa! - KarenT

  16. This is most definitely a beautiful love story to tell. And Rebecca must be so lucky to have been loved the way you do. :)

  17. A very heart=warming post for the LOVE of your life. I truly look up to men like you who openly demonstrate deepest affection to his wife. Through your words, Ms Rebing is so proud to have you as her husband as well.


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