Friday, October 4, 2013

Teachers Should Be Recognized

Have you asked yourself,  what is a teacher? The answer, of course, may vary. The following is the message I delivered to my teachers in Nagasi Elem. School when I was still their principal in October, four years ago:

Ma;m Vivian May G. Doloso
A PERSON who teaches the children how to write, how to read, and how to do math and much more;

A PERSON who explains things to children how do they work, how do they operate, and how do they become useful for them and other people;

A PERSON who analyzes situations especially difficult ones for the children to easily understand and be able to come up with the practical solutions;

A PERSON who cares for the children as his/her own children; thus never neglecting them and let them learn and appreciate the value of being educated, and comes to school early always prepared with every needful things ready for the children to study;

A PERSON who helps the children especially those are handicap like the hearing-impaired, mentally retarded, blind and physically disabled and hones them as a special human beings;

A PERSON who encourages those children who are problematic, habitual absentees and truant to be optimistic to improve themselves academically and expresses generous praises to those who are honest, diligent and achievers;

A PERSON who reports to school on time and never mixes work with play and play with work and also reports to the parents on the performance of their children and to his/her principal about his/her performance too.

And that PERSON is a T. E. A. C. H. E. R. S. - a TEACHER.


Teachers' Day

In this momentous day for the teachers, what can you give them or offer them to make them happy?

Teachers are said to be the makers of all professionals like the doctor, the engineer, the pilot, the manager, among others.

The Cubay Elementary School had pre-teachers day celebration yesterday. The school Parent-teachers association (PTA) led by its president, Ms. Raquel D. Dionisio tendered the teachers a simple but worthwhile program to honor all the teachers and even the school principal.

In her opening message, PTA president Angelitud said that teachers have a crucial role in teaching the pupils of the quality education.

It is appropriate that the theme for this celebration is "My Teacher, My Hero" for they are actually the "hero" in all shapes, sizes and specialties.

They play a crucial role of a teaching for they persevere and endure the anything just to mold the minds of the future generations.

A teacher, she said, could be a coach, a mentor, a close friend, a second parent to our children.

All teachers have one thing in common -- they nurture the light they see shining brightly in others and give all their best to their pupils/students without asking any return of their efforts.

"So, my dear parents, I encourage you to help and support our teachers to encourage our children to study, make their assignment, go to school every day, and join any activities of our school," concluded Angelitud.

The Pupil Representative

The school pupil government (SPG) president Paolo E. Palabrica expressed on how he is thankful for his teachers.

"This day we are privilege to bring back our simple thank you for our teachers who stand as our second parents in which we get our inspiration to pursue our dreams and untiring support of bringing the best in us," Palabrica said in his message.

"Many times we just don't mind and seem we don't care for them, but deep in our hearts we thank God that He gave us teachers who are caring and unselfish to make us a better person and someday reach our ambition... Happy Teachers Day!" closed Palabrica.

The Parent

Ms. Ruby D. Precioso, Grade II Homeroom president, as the master ceremony of the program has this to say about the occasion:

"Teachers Day is celebrated as a tribute to the invaluable contribution made by teachers to the society, by imparting knowledge and enlightening and sharping the career of students.

"For the students, this is an occasion to pay reverence and gratitude to teachers for their selfless effort in shaping them to reach their career in life, and enriching the education system on the process.

"Thank you! Thank  you, teachers!" #ThankYouTeacher


  1. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to all the teachers out there! There is no success without a teacher! =)

  2. I'll forever be grateful to my teachers for all the knowledge they imparted to me.

  3. Also, teachers influence last through time from their students and those they influenced and the cycle goes on.

  4. Such a noble profession. Happy Teachers Day Sir Gil. OMG I forgot to greet my wife!

  5. Because my mind was so beset with work, I totally forgot to greet my teachers then a happy teacher's day last September. Teachers are like second parents to me.

  6. Happy teachers day. Teachers deserve appreciation and thanks for all the hard work they've done for us.

  7. Teachers play a significant role in the society. They deserve to be recognized. Happy teachers day to all the teachers out there!

  8. manong Gil, sobra po ng O ang recognized nyo :)

  9. You know I have high regards for teachers. I treat them with respect and kindness.. specially now I have kids.. I see teachers as my kids' second mom or dad..

  10. I agree! teachers play a vital role in shaping one's person's future + therefore should be given the credit due them not only on Teacher's Day but everyday!

    Happy Teacher's Day to you + your colleagues!


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