Monday, October 14, 2013

Friends, Your Thoughtfulness Makes Me Happy!

I remember some of the following lines from a song popularized by Stevie Wonder, that run this way: "For good times and bad times/ I'll be on your side forever more/ That's what friends are for..."

Chocolate-cherry birthday cake
This is the kind of feeling I have had when I celebrated my 62nd birthday together with my wife. I was really convinced that I got a lot of friends, acquaintances and even my kins, closed and distant relatives are on the alert of expressing their simple, traditional birthday greetings. Their thoughtfulness has made me happy and felt me comfortable on how I relate my humble self to them as their friend too.

Through a modern technology like a social media, the Facebook, everyone finds it easy to relay his or her greetings. Gratefully I will never ever forget them. I have listed their names here as an expression of gratitude for their invaluable friendship.

slicing the cake together
Children's Greetings

Dondon (Greg) and Gingging (Genevieve Aura), our eldest son and 2nd daughter respectively are away from us by the time, I celebrate my birthday. For them a distance is not a hindrance in keeping a contact with me. Dondon is now residing in Mindanao, while Gingging is working in Kuwait. The day I celebrate my birthday they have contacted me through their cellphones and greeted me, a happy birthday!

What a happy feeling! Receiving a cake for your birthday and slicing it together with your co-celebrant who happens to be your wife is inexplicable.

Our cake for this year is provided by our youngest son, Gilbor Camporazo, Jr., who is a computer programming instructor in Technical Foundation Institute (TFI) here in our place. Ma. Carissa, his wife has facilitated the purchase of the said chocolate-cherry cake from Merci Bakeshop.

Words of Thanks

The following are the 150 thoughtful and caring friends I have all over the world:

  1. Melchor Tumbos
  2. Pjb Ramos
  3. Mar Beyo Camporaso
  4. Ric Santotome
  5. Christine Guerra
  6. Cristina Millado
  7. Cherie Marie Yeu
  8. Lorin Rowe
  9. Gerard Villanueva
  10. Juliet Fabros Tolentino
  11. Llelanie Muya Youngs
  12. Kaila Camporaso
  13. Analiza Asiain Baradas-Ramos
  14. Olive Pillado Dazo
  15. Rino Camporaso
  16. Cha Sy
  17. Stephen John Pecaoco
  18. E da EventMaster
  19. Soledad Solis Lumogdang
  20. Charlie Pabular
  21. Ann Marie Lumogdang
  22. Betty Bahoyan Ponce
  23. Ruth Famillaran
  24. Nicanor Nicor
  25. Madeline M. Salgon
  26. Janet Thessman
  27. Donna Mae Aguanta
  28. Brenda Suarez
  29. Gary Glen Aries
  30. Minerva Destajo
  31. Jinkikai Camporaso
  32. Michaela Abelarde Magallona
  33. Ron Leyba
  34. Errol Abada Gatumbato
  35. Julius Miraveles
  36. Nidabel Baran Guinto
  37. Charlie Montemayor
  38. Rem Ibrado Bayog
  39. Joy Blanca
  40. Evelyn Delachina
  41. Lorenz Camporaso
  42. Leticia Beyo Camporaso
  43. Lowell Dumancas
  44. Nylana Abong
  45. Jerome S. Ibuyan
  46. Reginald Requiño Agsalon
  47. Franc Ramon
  48. Ana Lee Gonzaga
  49. Flow Galindez
  50. Alexis Pedrico
  51. Phearl Joy Salas
  52. Lyra Mercer
  53. Jocelyn Narciso Grijaldo
  54. Ireen Liwanagan
  55. Prudencia Destajo
  56. Chrysee Samillano
  57. Ruth Pagcaliwagan Convite
  58. Katrina Joy Campos Gatucao
  59. Lelanie Muya Youngs
  60. Heart Rose Alupani
  61. Noe Dela Cena
  62. Nida Malabanjot
  63. BhamBham Katok
  64. Dannie Lyn Cango Ison
  65. JR Llanera Panaguiton
  66. Hengie Vargas Taton
  67. Melky Chavez Subarba
  68. Gee Camporazo
  69. Lizares Marissa
  70. Corals Necesito
  71. Marl Mosuela Camporazo
  72. Mariz Leonardo
  73. Raymundo Aloro Rizo
  74. Marben Kudemus
  75. Mi Cai
  76. Ruwill Camporaso
  77. Robi Marapao
  78. Bert Enrico Spoor
  79. Ryan Erida
  80. Lainedyl Magturo Edeso
  81. Maria Paz Matinez
  82. Rossana Colmenares Campos
  83. Yhesa SAmson Montinola
  84. Gerlie Uy
  85. Olive Pillado Dazo
  86. Stelamarie J. Ticong
  87. Lhenz Del Rosario Alcantara
  88. Em Hill
  89. Charlize Danielle
  90. Papaleng Pagulong
  91. Kenneth Agudo
  92. Andrei Gail Dionisio
  93. Zsharfaynez Bernardino Bandiola
  94. Ray Alan T. Drilon
  95. Noeme Moro Esclamado-Reyes
  96. Mavic Cantes
  97. Jessica Macarasig
  98. Emee Marie Marquez Matula
  99. Jerishza Sansaet Soquita
  100. Marell Lagunday
  101. Sonex Greco
  102. Flor Lingamen
  103. Cecile Cinco Ghosty Writery
  104. Cookie Capistrano Veracruz
  105. Rhodora Silloren
  106. Julinzkie Alpas
  107. Ritzy Robles Malo-oy
  108. Joannmae Sanogal Hagonoy
  109. Ted Claudio
  110. Zarah Trenuela
  111. Henry James Garaygay
  112. Victorino Q. Abrugar
  113. Regina Tortosa
  114. Agnes Lira-Jundos
  115. Myrns Roman
  116. Cecilia Tesoro Belen
  117. Rosalinda Tadlan Canal
  118. Orly Ballesteros
  119. Pal Rainne
  120. Bess Villo Benitez
  121. Nilda Cabrera
  122. Gemma Defeo Hilotin
  123. Francisca Nabor
  124. Jose D. Equiron
  125. Rino Ilanga
  126. Vix Parungao
  127. Julie Ann Abonado
  128. Stella Mae Canlas
  129. Neneng Villarias Zaiss
  130. Pehpot Pineda
  131. Yhen Barron
  132. Kim Baccay Nieves
  133. Tess Chancellor
  134. Marri Bermudez
  135. Amiable Amy
  136. MsAirra Pingol
  137. Twing Kewl
  138. Sumi Go
  139. Shie Zarate
  140. Mel Avila Alarilla
  141. Christine A. Galarita
  142. Rhodora Lomillo
  143. Tess Salibio
  144. Nb Alano
  145. Josie Elpidama
  146. DM Jayona
  147. Carole Camporazo Abalajon
  148. Greg Camporazo
  149. Genevieve Aura Camporazo 
  150. Perpetua Morales

Again, "For good times and bad times/ I'll be on your side forever more/ That's what friends are for/"


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Sir, hoping we shall meet someday and have a chat over a cup of coffee

    1. Thanks FM for your greetings. I am also looking forward to that opportunity that someday will be meeting each other.

  2. Good health and More Power to you Sir :) Once again Happy Birthday!

  3. Welcome po sir Gil...Happy Birthday again.

  4. Happy Birthday Again Sir Gil. You're well loved by your family and friends.

  5. Hello! I actually saw Facebook reminded me that it was your birthday last time. I thought I hit the greet button but then I forgot! Whoa. Anyway, belated happy birthday! :)

  6. Happy happy birthday. Wow! I am thoroughly impressed over your list of friends :)

  7. Belated Happy Birthday po. God bless you always. - lencilicious /len reallady

  8. What a long list...I'm sure God will give you more years, continue imparting knowledge. :)

  9. Im happy for you, sir! Social networking site really helps to get in touched and be updated with the highlight events of people.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday, Sir Gil! wishing you all the best in life!


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