Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Evaluation of SBM Principles Implementation

My humble school, Cubay Elem. School in the Division of La Carlota City was initially evaluated on the four aspect of school administration and managment which may include Leaderhip and governance, Curriculum and Instructions, and accountability and continuous management. and Management of Resources.

SBM evaluators doing their initial assessment of the best practices on school-based management principles implemented in our school, Cubay Elem. School.
This team School-Based Management (SBM) evaltuators that assessed my school as to well-directed school administration is led by Division SBM coordinator Rosario R. Arranguez, District I supervisor. Her group  is composed of District II supervisor Salvacion Espanola, EPS-Science Zenaida Gahaton, and EPS-Fiipino Leilanie Castillo.

The needed means of verifications (MOVs) to support the implementation of a better schoom management were intact as provided and painstakingly worked out by the respective group of teachers assigned to the said four categories of development.

One-on-one confrontation of teacher-chairman and or vice chairman with the evaluator facilitated the assessment process on schedule.

SBM evaluator Gahaton

The evaluators were impressed of the maintenance of school as to its ground, cleanliness, responsiveness of the teachers, and as to the required documents need for the evaluation.

In a proper use of the school maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE), the school has gradually improving physically. Though the school has no paid janitor, but yet it is well-maintained through the initiative of every class/grade advisers who have maximized their time and efforts in making the school well-kept, well-manicured and keeping it clean.

The all-out support of the external stakeholders which constituted the parents, guardians, PTA officers and the local government unit (LGU) has sustained the school for its project and other undertakings for the academic improvement of the pupils.

SBM evaluator Castillo
SBM Principles

This evaluation was focused on the practices of the school as led by its principal on the following delineated principles.

1. Leadership and governance

This accounts the collaborative efforts of the school and the community in preparation of school improvement plan.

2. Curriculum and instruction

This shows how the school provides a system for all types of learners to develop them and ensure for their holistic growth and development academically.

3. Accountability and continuous management

It is pointed out here the accountability assessment which deals on criteria and tools, feedback and mechanism, information collection and validation techniques and processes being exclusively and collaboratively developed and agreed upon the school and the stakeholders.

4. Management of Resources

This may include the regular resource inventory, dialogue for planning an resource programming and how they are used appropriately and effectively.

The half-day SBM assessment was a success through the concerted efforts of the teachers and the cooperation of the external stakeholder. Thus, the realization for the favorable attainment of practices on the mentioned four principles on SBM. was reached.


  1. congrats Sir GIl for the successful evaluation of your school

  2. Kudos on your school's improved system. Organization and unity does make all the difference. :) It truly showed on your evaluation.

  3. I remember when my father is still teaching, he also do that. Evaluating his school, teachers and summarizing the needed papers to be given to the Division/District office.

  4. Sir, you are a good leader. You have maintained your school high academic excellence plus you have aptly emphasized the value of Orderliness to teachers, parents and students.

  5. Having a clean, safe and friendly environment are very important because this is the place where students are developing their mental, physical and emotional. :)

  6. That's good to hear. You are a great leader and have maintained the best in your school. Keep it up! :D

  7. Congrats for having a favorable evaluation, It just means you're doing a great job.

  8. congrats! you and your school is definitely a role model!

  9. Hi sir! I'm a new sbm coordinator and i am still adjusting... may i also know the artifacts that are needed in each dimension? thank you!

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