Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nenito Reyes Tinagan: Man for All Season

In All Soul's Day (November 2), while I was visiting the La Carlota Memorial Park in the morning to take picture of the tombstone location of Shellen Rosario's father, Hernani Rosario, I dropped by the Catholic Cemetery and came across with the tomb of the late Nenito Reyes Tinagan (1947 - 2006).

Tinagan, The Achiever
Tinagan - The Achiever
I was well acquainted with Mr. Tinagan in my first year of teaching where I was assigned in Cainaman Elementary School. I used to visit his office every time, I went to the division office for official business and for a conference called for.

Anyway, upon reading the inscription of his epitaph that says "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7), I was challenged on what to write about him for we're good friends since I joined in the teaching profession sometime in June 1991.

Whatever matters the following is my personal recollection of his prolific life in the field of education. In short, this is indeed an eulogy about him.

Well-Respected Education Supervisor

Mr. Nenito Reyes Tinagan, Social Studies Supervisor of the Department of Education, Division of La Carlota City died at the age of 59. a year before his retirement from the service.

Receiving an award of recognition from Mayor J. Aguirre of La Carlota City
Receiving an award of recognition from Mayor J. aguirre
Nits to his friends and associates is well-remembered for his friendliness and generosity. He is well sought and respected by his numerous “hijadas” and “hijados” and his “compadres” and “comadres” in the educational sphere. He had “helped” them to reach the “professional” pedestal and to attain their academic excellence in local, regional and national scene. Extending career counseling, teaching, and administrative and supervisory concern is enough for him to be happy. Uplifting and enhancing teacher’s proficiency and upgrading school head’s managerial skills, be it neophytes or experienced is his laudable mission.

Teaching Experience

His 33-year education service is beyond reproach when his teaching and supervisory job is concerned; putting his Master of arts in Education Management degree, which he earned from the Aklan State University to practice, has made his subject area in the limelight in regional and national aspects. He started teaching in Bais Elementary School, the farthest school in the Division of La Carlota in 1970. Six years later, he became the teacher-in-charge of the defunct Tinin-awan Elementary School at Brgy. Ara-al, La Carlota City for 4 years.

Tinagan's tomb
In 1980, he became head teacher in Nagasi Elementary School for one year. Then the next year he was promoted to school principal in Haguimit Elementary School. After 14 years he was promoted to Social Studies Education Supervisor I until he passed away on 26 March 2006. Added to his task before he died was the coordinator of Division Vocational supervisorhip.

As a Family Man

Nits is a loving husband and a thoughtful provider to his only son, Neil Emerson and his beloved wife, Melinda Cascarro, who is a teacher of La Carlota South Elementary School II and is very supportive of him.

He has left a word of concern to his wife: “Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Mark a straight path for your feet; then stick to the path and stay safe. Don’t forget to get sidetracked…”

Reflecting his faith on Christ’s divineship, he shared his favorite quote: “Are you among the indifferent? To ignore Him and His claims is to reject Him. Christmas demands a decision about Christ. The choice is yours.”

Religious Man

Nenito, as a God-fearing man, faithfully regards Jesus as his director, guide and inspiration in “bad times or in good times.” Inuring the ups and downs of life, Nenito is still Nenito – a man with a big heart who extends a helping hand to all teachers and fellow supervisors; shares his skills, talents and wisdom to them in his own little way. His personal services for them are free. He lends his professional collection of books, references to teachers and pupils who are in need of them generously.

On March 19, 2006, Nenito passed away. The only legacy he had bequeathed to the DepED family is his simple life and his workable social studies curriculum schemes and lesson plans, which are the “footprints” he could leave to the educational system of the Division of La Carlota. Nenito Reyes Tinagan is a man worthy to be emulated for his simplicity, humility, dedication and dynamism.

Man for All Seasons

Nenito Reyes Tinagan as an educator and school administrator is considered as a “Man for All Seasons” because of his openness and approachability to his clienteles, particular the teachers, school administrators and fellow education supervisors, from day-in to day-out. He is well-respected, well-loved and idolized as an exemplar of humility, dedication, and religiosity. Now he is gone. He is well-remembered by everyone in the Division of La Carlota as the pillar of Education.

He is indeed a man for all seasons.


  1. I was touched by the words written on this epitaph. I recall that there's a thread on FB/TW asking for the scriptures every one would like to have when that day comes.

    1. I share the same feeling with you as I read that epitaph and it really reflects the real person of Mr. Tinagan.

  2. Sad to say people only recognize and remember a man's good deeds when he is already six feet under the ground. There were a lot of unsung heroes unrecognized :(

    1. People are only remembered because they're already gone. No, no. Not in my case, this person is well-esteemed and well-regarded not only as my compadre, my friend, but an effective and efficient mentor while he is still living. This is again a tribute for him for letting the people know how grateful and thankful for him.

  3. He has really gone through the ranks touched so many life. I'm sure his influence would really stay for a long time.

  4. Good recognition for a great man. People really influence us in so many ways and led us to what we are now them not knowing. Thank you for sharing and reminding us that we too must recognize important people in our lives.

  5. People will not remember what you told them or what you did them, they will remember what you made them feel...thus, it is always but a good thing to keep in mind that kindness is something that should be made known to everyone...

  6. This should remind us that people will remember us after we're gone not by any sensationalized activity but by the way we live our daily life and do our duties sincerely.

  7. By reading this post, it really showed how you honor that person. He has influenced you professionally and his contributions deserved to be the man for all season. :)

  8. It is hard to forget somebody we loved like Mr. Reyes and all the wonderful this person left in your memories that for now will cherish for the rest of your life :-) I am glad that you visit and remember him during the All Souls' Day :-) I missed this occasion, we do not have that in the US :-(

  9. to tell a lot of good things for this man, it seemed that you are well-acquainted to him... we should have more of like him in our schools, so as to influence and be a good example to our young ones. Yahweh bless.

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