Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Taking Time Out at Area IV Meet Opening

I have been to the opening of  2013 Area IV athletic meet. It started with a parade of athletic delegations from the municipality of Pontevedra, San Enrique, Valladolid, Pulupandan and the city of La Carlota and the ciy of Bago, the host city.

Ale Ticao and Me at Ramon Torres sports center
The playground demonstration of two-thousand high students of Ramon Y. Torres National High School added color at the conclusion of the opening program in the morning. These students displayed their best dancing skill to the tune of the VST music of the 80s.

I was there the whole day taking in-charge of the documentation of the day-to-day events played by the players of the division of La Carlota City. While doing some picture-taking of the running, ball games, and jumping events of the day, I stumbled upon a group of students in uniform.

TFI students and the blogger
TFI students and me
TFI Students

I spotted a group of students of Technical Foundation Institute of Bago City for I had seen from their left vest the embroidered TFI initial. They were seated comfortably in a series of victory stand was approached by this blogger.

I noticed a gentleman sitting at the center smiled at him and he responded and started conversing them. I found out that these students are under the advisorship of my youngest son,  a programming instructor of TFI.

I introduced myself as the father of their instructor and got acquainted with them. They're Romel Alelojo, Pinky Geronimo, Rica Jille Esporma, Sylvia Tancho, Girlie Masamit, Gelly Ann Sula, Nikki Dela Torre. Later Rubylyn Lecaniel, Franclyn Rose Saladaga, Feverlie Kilayco, and Paul Henri Apoyon joined with them.

TFI students with Franclyn
TFI students with Franclyn Rose
Budding Writer?

I got a long casual conversation with Franclyn who showed her draft about her write-up on love. I gave my solicited advice on the said writing.

Franclyn is a potential writer. She has the skill in writing. She could express herself in a logical manner. She needs to practice writing to improve it.

I advise her to read books on writing, articles of good writer to develop her writing skill. She is also advised to share her writings to her friends for critic or have them published in their school paper.

I point out that she needs to discipline herself. It is very sad to know as it is learned later that she has an incomplete grade in all her major subjects. Something has gone wrong as what she has written as what I have noticed earlier.

Unsolicited Advice

Franclyn has still a chance to improve her studies if she is going to discipline herself, giving priority to her studies for she's not regular or even not attending her classes, giving time for play, for love, and for everything, or else everything will yield to naught.

If all these things are done in order, Franclyn will survive and overcome these trials in her life and she will come off conqueror and successful.

Franclyn, it is not yet too late. I know you could make it. Mend everything that has gone awry. Don't let your irrational emotion overrule you, or else you will regret later.

What it takes to win is a matter of personal choice.

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