Monday, November 4, 2013

The School, the Community Working Hand in Hand

Is it possible that what the school wants to achieve with the support of the community, a better, well-educated child is developed?

Ms. Melanie C. Reyes
At the conclusion of the 3-day in-service training of the teachers of Cubay Elementary School, community is tapped as one of the major helping hand in making the pupils achieved or facilitated their learning.

Community linkages could have a vital role in sustaining the education of every pupil in the locality.

The community could serve as the laboratory for learning. The community could provide rich and practical resources on the transfer of learning.
The community could also serve the training venue for the application of classroom learning which the pupils acquired.

Scheme in Involving Community Stakeholders

Ms. Melanie C. Reyes, grade IV Narra teacher pointed out some strategies in keeping in contact with the community. There should be a directory of all civic, religious organizations which have an outreach program for education. A schedule of local festivity, gathering, open forum, and the like wherein the parents, the women, the youths are involved.

The school principal giving supplemental idea
The school principal supplemented the idea by stressing the all-out support and involvement of the teachers in any activities which the community may have had like the fiesta, campaign for the clean and green, health services, among others.

He added the school should have a constant or frequent communication with the external stakeholders of the school. The members of the Barangay council should also be involved in any activity that school may have.

Action Plan

The teacher-participants as a requirement for their output had come up with an action plan on community linkages.

They based their plan on the six objectives, namely: sharing accoungtability, community resources, community as a laboratory for learning, community activities participation, publicizing school events and achievements, and classroom application of learning to the community.

Turning over of outputs
Turning Over of Outputs

The 3-day training ended with a simple closing exercises and the major part was the turning over of all outputs they have prepared since the first day, the second day and the last day.

Their outputs were grouped as to the objectives of the training. The first output for the first day was slide presentation of their respective subject area in a partjcular skill. The second day output was a program or project focusing on the development of a certain pupil as classified according to theory of Professor Howard Garner on multiple intelligence. And the last output as mentioned already was an action plan on community linkages.

The school and the community working hand in hand could produce a better, intelligent child who is responsive, dutiful, law-abiding citizen of his community in particular and of his country in general.


  1. How long did the activity go? Programs like these are great for the next generation to learn how to become more accountable and responsible for their actions in the society. :)

  2. school and community must definitely work hand in hand because they compose the society as a whole. it is great to know that continuously these efforts are done and are strengthened every time we try to look back to why we actually started such cause. it helps, and it makes everyone objective and motivated again.

  3. This kind of training is very vital for our teachers.
    My sister is an elementary teacher and I guess she underwent this kind of training.

  4. The school and the community must work together. When they come together, they are more powerful (in a good way) and can implement positive changes to the lives of the people :)

  5. This is a great concept. No doubt the community also plays a vital role in the formation of the youth.

  6. Actually, this is the best thing to do within the Barangay level and community must organized themselves on how to develop their well-being through the government.

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