Monday, December 23, 2013

What Should I Give This Christmas?

Gift-giving is what Christmas known to everybody. Christmas is Christ. The greatest gift our Father in Heaven has offered to mankind is his Son as to fulfill what has been prophesied in Bible. "For unto us a Son is born. Unto us a Son is given."

Christ's stable with children's caricature
Nativity (Kid's version)
Christmas is for children. Not only that. Christmas is also for adult. Adults also long to receive a gift, a special gift to make them feel being loved, being taken care of. Christmas is for everyone. "Peace on earth. Goodwill toward men."

As I celebrate this year's Christmas, I am thinking on what to give. Either foods? Toys? Dresses? Candies? Pair of shoes? I want to get some suggestions from the person available at home. I want to ask from my grandchildren on what is best gifts for Christmas.

My Grandchildren's Best Gifts 

There was an occasion that I brought along one of my granddaughters, Adgel. 10 years old, to a store to buy some supplies for our school. While we were heading to the store as we only took for a walk, I asked her on what is the best gift which she could give to her parents. She simply replied that she wanted to give her parents, a set of dress, a new dress. I asked her why? They also want a new in this Christmas, she replied. She got the point.

When we arrived home, I also asked my 11-year old grandson, Bryan on what is the best gift he would like to give this Christmas to us, his grandparent. He thought so deeply on what to give us. I waited for several minutes. Finally, he said to give me a jacket to keep me warm. While to her grandmother, my wife, a new dress, a thick one to keep her warm too.

My Best Gifts to My Parents

I would give them a special gifts, their favorites which are sufficient enough to make them happy, to make them feel that they're given a special attention. Though these things are too trivial but yet they're their favorites. Then before I hand all these things to them, first, I would give them a big hug and a warm embrace to let them feel how grateful I am for their love, for their care, and for tbeir sacrifice beyond measure of what I am now.

If my father is living today, I would give him a present of his favorite - Coconut wine (Tuba, in our dialect). I remember when I was still a kid that my father came home from the market bringing along with him our tonight's viand, beings calm, quiet, and almost ready to fall asleep. I learned later that he was already drunk of his favorite tuba which cost a One Peso (Ph 1.00) a glass before.

Also if my mother is living today, I would give her a present of her favorite - a set of betel nut (bunga), a pinch of lime  (apog), and several leaves of Buyo for her to chew while doing her home chores or resting for a day's work. And it cost only Two Peso (Ph 2.00) before.

Being Grateful

'Nay (Ma),'Tay (Pa), madamu gid nga salamat (Thank you very much). Mahal ko gid kamo (I truly love you.). Merry Christmas!

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