Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why Should a Record Be Kept?

A historical record should be kept by the Church for missionary work, for salvation, and for future generations. As a District Church historian, I have the duty to train the different clerks and church historians of every unit under the District to update the annual histories of the district for submission to Church history archives.

Giving lecture to the clerk on church history record keeping
Five clerks, out of 8, have attended our training this morning at the La Carlota Meetinghouse.

President Mario A. Malacaman of the La Carlota Philippines District presided the training. He reminded the participants how important is the training session for the day, especially in keeping the records of the Church and also preparing the historical records of the Church for edifying the saints, for missionary work, and for the benefits of the next generations.

I conducted the training session for 3 hours, covering the following topics: the simple qualification of a clerk/church historian, the doctrinal foundation of keeping a record, the cycles of Church history preparation and collections, and the coverage of reporting a church historical events.

Emphasizing the scriptural bases for record keeping of Church history
Church Historian Requirements

As long as the member has the desire, the willingness to do it, and has equipped himself of "paper and pen", he is called to the work.

Scriptural Bases

The following principles derived from the scriptural references above are the following:

1. There should be a record to be kept. (D&C 21:1)
2. The Church historian should the record of the Church and history continually. ( D&C 47:3)
3. Important things about the Church and missionary work should be put in writing.  (D&C 47:3)
4. It is the clerk's duty to keep a history of all things happening in the Church, including their life, faith and works. (D&C 85: 1-2)
5. The records should be preserved for the salvation of many souls. (Alma 37:6-8)
6. These records are for the future generations. (Alma 37:14)

Cycles on Church History Collection

First is "assign". It is extending a call for a member to serve as a Church historian. Second, "gather". Collection of historical records of what has been transpired in every unit. Third is "compile". All the records collected will sort out as to their relevance, propriety and value of significance. Then fourth is "approve". The priesthood leaders should sign the historical report prepared by his Church historian. And the last is "submit". Everything is updated, including the pictures, the needed authorization for the usage of the picture attached, among others. Then back to "assign" stage.

The clerks undergoing a training with President Malacaman
The Church historians with President Malacaman
The Participants

Bro. Edcel Montalbo of San Enrique Branch, Bro. Revie Daylosan of Ayungon Branch, Bro. Paolo Tenorio of La Carlota 2nd Branch, Bro. Rogelio Mesobre, Jr. of Manggapsang Branch, and Bro. Angelo Plarao of La Castellana Branch. And District President Mario A. Malacaman.

Those clerks who had not able to make it were from La Carlota 1st Branch, Masville Branch, and Moises Padilla Branch.

What to Report

Everyone had been given of an auxiliary report form for ready reference and format of their report. The information needed may include the brief description of the activity and reflection of feelings or faith-promoting experiences and it should be signed by the auxiliary leader.

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