Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do I Need To Do That?

I DON'T KNOW HOW DO YOU CONSIDER ME. When I was a third year high school student, I did something bad, naughty or whatever you may have in mind of describing me. This could be one of my unforgettable high school days experience.

LCCHS Class 1970 Alumni Logo
Though I lived near our school, I sometime came late to be in our afternoon class for there were times that I ate my lunch late. After eating, I hurriedly took a 10-minute walk to school.

Upon entering our literature class, our female teacher kept on berating my classmates for no apparent reasons as I learned later. I tiptoed to the end part of classroom where I used to sit. She noticed me and shouted me when I came late. I had reasoned out but she didn't give time to speak out.

Feeling embarrassed, humiliated, I silently took a seat and remained quite for the whole period of our class. That was the first time that I was belittled in front of my classmates. I didn't know on what to do neither I have to cry nor I have shout or leave the classroom for good.

After our class, one of our female classmates confided to us that our teacher and her husband got a family problem and they had quarreled so much over a domestic trouble. Since I always came late, I had never known that every time our teacher started her class, she used to give them the worst sermon and my classmates served as her scapegoat for her domestic problem. Then I realized that it shouldn't be. Though, she was our class adviser.She should handle us like a loving, humane, considerate mother and not to berate us without a valid reason.

Nothing has prompted us on what to do with unfavorable actuation of our class adviser.

Facade of La Carlota City High School  building
Look What I Did

One Friday afternoon, it was our group's turn to clean our homeroom. While I was scrubbing the floor with a coconut husk, I came nearer to her table and I saw a beautiful, nicely ceramic crafted figurine of a 5-inch tall angel. And idea came to my mind.

Monday, first day of our class for the week, came. I went to school early in our Literature class. Our teacher came late for 5 minutes. She hurriedly entered the room as if about to get angry. She grabbed her center-table chair and paused for she noticed that an angel figurine wasn't on the table. She held her tongue for a moment then started talking for her lesson that day. We were all surprised. This lasted for the whole week that she never opened her mouth of throwing us vindictive words or phrases. She never even dared us to ask where's the figurine. I knew later that she valued it so much for it was her birthday present from a dear friend who was working abroad. She had to keep it whatever matters for their friendship to keep going.

Right wing of La Carlota City High School building
I thought for myself - I wasn't bad at all. I just kept the figurine at the back of one of the cabinets inside our classroom. Then Friday came, our cleaning day, I bargained from our group leader that I would be the one to close the room for I wasn't yet through scrubbing the entire floor. No word from our leader. Together with my other group member, he left me. Before I close our classroom, I took the figurine out from the place where I hid it and got it back to the teacher's table.

Starting that day until the closing of the school year, everything has changed for the better. we'd never heard anything something bad reprimanding us for our misgivings or whatever from her for all of us seem to be well-behaved for we belong to the A-1 junior class.

What I did is not good? Do I need to do that? Or Is there something that I have to do? What do you think?

[This is a repost from +New_Leaf, my Bubblews Account under the title - "Why Should I Have To Keep The Figurine?]"

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