Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gamboa: Six Secrets to a Successful Life

Last year our country was heavily suffering from natural calamities. Many properties, crops and plants were destroyed. Worst innocent lives were lost especially those in the province of Tacloban, the Eastern Part of the country.

Pastor Melchor C. Gamboa
Pastor Melchor C. Gamboa
The school buildings were destroyed. Trees were toppled down. Communications were paralyzed. Those who survived especially the pupils weren't able to continue their schooling. Thei studies were disrupted. Their recovery was slim. Nevertheless, their hope that their education may be remedied is so great. They have a strong determination. They are so pliant like the bamboo to easily adapt to the unfavorable condition of their lives.

The Department of Education is keen enough to come up with this appropriate theme for graduation, "Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pinoy." Education Secretary made his graduation message available to all schools int the country emphasizing the value of "nationalism, excellence and resilience."

Our school, Cubay Elementary School, is strong advocate of such positive virtues. Our 34 graduating grade six pupils are now ready to go up to the stage for their closing exercise and Pastor Melchor C. Gamboa is there to inspire them for his practical message in life for the graduates to live by while pursuing their secondary and even higher education later in life.

Pastor Gamboa giving his inspirational speech to the graduates of CES.
Pastor Gamboa addressing the CES graduates for SY 2013-2014
Secrets to Successful Life's Journey

Pastor Melchor C. Gamboa is apt to address our 34 graduates after they had confirmed and approved by EPS Gloria G. Tionsay, representing the schools division superintendent Portia M. Mallorca. Pastor Gamboa stressed to the graduates that today's rites start their wonderful journey and he was telling them some of the secrets to attain a successful journey in life. Thus, he said:


He focused these secrets into six principles or worthy ideas to exemplify or put to practice. The first one is GROWTH. The next years of your life will determine your future. Make the next years one of your growth. Embrace growth. Find out what you are good at, find out what you like to do and then grow. The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:18, “But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” As you journey on through life you may commit a lot of blunders and you may fail also. But don’t be afraid of failure because it is important in growing. It teaches you some valuable lessons that you might never learn in other ways.

Schoo head Gil Camporazo is presenting the graduating Grade VI pupils to Mam Tionsay
SH Camporazo presents the graduating Grade VI to Mam Tionsay

The second is GENEROSITY. You have to be generous, even overly generous because here is the secret- if you give more, you will have more. We are familiar with the famous verse in the Bible which says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” God loves a cheerful giver. You know, they are all clues, clues to great riches (both material and spiritual) and they are all true. Because when you give, you release a powerful blessing and it embraces you.


The third is GRATITUDE. Many young children today seem to be ungrateful. It is quite difficult for them to say, “Thank you!” as the matter of fact, many of us just do not know how much power “Thank you” has. When you appreciate people, events and the things you have in your life, the whole universe jumps up and down with joy and what it wants to do is to give you more. Try it. Say thank you more often. Say it in your every step, say it in your every prayer. You will be amazed at the wonderful surprises it will give you. On your graduation today, take the opportunity to show and express your gratitude to your parents, teachers and all the people who have a part in bringing you this far. While we are it, thank you for having me. It is really my great privilege to be in your presence today.

Pastor Gamoba receives token from SH Camporazo
Pastor Gamoba receives token from SH Camporazo

The fourth is GOAL. You must have a goal in life and you must set your heart and mind in accomplishing that goal. A journey without a goal is directionless and meaningless. It is just running around circles and getting nowhere. In Philippians 3: 13-12, Paul says, “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Yes, it is certain that there will be mountains of obstacle to block you from reaching your goal and a lot of times you will fall. But don’t you dare quit and give up. Each time you fall, rise up and keep moving. Have faith in your heart and have courage. This year’s Graduation theme is, “Hindi Matitinag Ang Pusong Pinoy.” Kaya ang payo ko sa inyo magpakatatag kayo at huwag paghina-an ng loob, kaya natin to! Take an ample dose of encouragement from Philippians 4:13 which says, “ I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”


And the last but not the least is GOD. God is the power and source of all things. He is the reason why we are all here. He is your stronghold here in the present and in the future. He is great and He loves you more than you ever know. He even died for you and best you can do is to give your life to Him. Take your journey with God and you will be assured to reach your destination safely and successfully.

So let me end with my wish for all of you. In your life may you have people to listen and spend time with you, encourage you and believe in your potential. May you embrace growth and excellence, may you be generous, may you say, thank you often may you work hard and be determined to reach your goal and may God watch over you always. With this blessing may you go forth and do wonderful things for the glory of God. Congratulations and God Bless you.

Confirmation and Approval

Ms. Gloria G. Tionsay was tasked to confirm and approve the graduation of Cubay Elementary School Grade VI pupils in which 18 are boys and 16 are girls. By the authority given her by SDS Portia M. Mallorca, Ms. Tionsay did it after the school principal presented her those graduating pupils who have satisfactorily completed the requirements in the Basic Education Curriculum as prescribed by the Department of Education for elementary education in school year 2013-2014.

Worth noted in that closing exercises is the three honor pupils of the graduates were all boys. Joemil Samson, first honors; Paolo Palabrica, 2nd honors, and Keith Justine Angelitud, 3rd honors.

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