Monday, March 31, 2014

Teaching Leads Me To Where I Am Now

Twenty-nine years ago today, I was overjoyed while I received my certificate of the degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education. Former La Carlota City Mayor Juancho Aguirre handed me that certificate in a red case.

Gil Camporazo
I would be much happy if my late parents were also present at that time. The degree that was conferred upon me by the board of trustees of La Carlota City was the greatest expectation of my parents. I earned this through my diligence, through my industry, through my determination to equip myself of this honor in which my wife and my two kids are so proud too for I was already married while I was studying in college.

It took me a lot of perseverance, a lot of sacrifices. But above all, I know it is the Lord's will to provide for such blessings to fulfill my dream, my vocation as a teacher. My passion to teach is evident while I was a kid. I used to play a classroom teacher. I used to gather my neighbors, my relatives and used our empty wall as blackboard.I taught them writing, reading, and arithmetic The 4Rs in teaching methodology. I enjoyed and they enjoyed too. I used to cry, feel frustrated and even disgusted when they won't play with me.

The day I received my degree in education
Commerce Versus Education

Teaching is my first course I enrolled in college. I wasn't able to pursue it for my elder brother would like me to enroll the Commerce for we have cousins who have a lot of accounting references. Therefore, I didn't have to worry anymore of my textbooks. I had to follow him for he had offered to support me in my college studies. Later I was one of those deserving students to receive a 100% scholarship grant. I completed my commerce course without spending a penny then I landed to a local rural bank for my first job.

Teaching was still in mind, in my heart. I pursued it. Every after work in the afternoon, I went to college taking elementary education course. I thought I would be spending my own money, but it turned to be another blessing for I enjoyed a 100% scholarship again. I passed the qualifying exams for editorship in our college publication. I finished my education course for two years. Before graduation, I took the teacher's board examinations and passed it. I left my job in the bank and worked as custodian in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints following after my conversion for 11 years. And in 1991, I practiced my teaching profession after leaving my Church job. Now I am a school principal of Cubay Elementary School.

my humble 5th school assigment
My humble 5th school assignment

My Parents Have Molded Me

As I received this degree, I recall my mother whom I inherited her wisdom and smartness to excel in everything. I was very obedient to her for I wanted to make her happy for being a well-education son to her. However, I regret to know that my mother was only a grade two pupil but she was my humble example and best teacher I ever had.

Likewise my father had reached only grade three but yet he molded me to be a book lover, have a common sense always. I realized this kind of attitude I had exemplified when my grade one teacher had written in my report card that says "worked without being told to do so". It is self-fulfilling to maintain this tendency in everything you do. And one thing more, my father has bequeathed me not a wealth but a wisdom of being independent. He said and I perfectly remember - "Not all diamonds are sparkling"

My extended family
My extended family

Better or Worse

As I slowly went down from the stage, I was thinking that someday my wife would be marching in, going up the stage and be receiving her degree too. And my dream did come true. I let her study in college in my personal expense for I was already working while I was studying. After six years I finished my BEED, she also completed hers.

My happiness was immeasurable for she received her degree in my own expense. We were both happy and our six children were also very much happy for their mother to graduate.

We keep our marriage vow that we should be together for poorer or richer, for better or for worse and we should never part. This vow was rather extended when we were converted to a faith that family could be together forever. And again we made a vow, the new and everlasting covenant of marriage in the temple of God. We are now 34 years member of this Church. We know as long as we keep our faith we could be together forever.

The day that I stepped on the stage and received my academic degree for teachers has brought me to the wisdom of the Lord in which Jesus Christ Himself has exemplified, that is, teaching no greater call. Since I was in my primary grades I loved playing teacher with my neighbors, friends and relatives. Now this vocation has led me to where I should be in my own making.

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