Friday, March 14, 2014

Testing TFI Programming Studes System Workability

The student of TFI, particularly the programming class of 4A1 and 4B1 had taken the challenge to defend their system program as a part of their requirement in computer programming class under Sir Gilbor D. Camporazo, Jr. of Technological Foundation Institute, Bago City, Philippines.

This is an actual testing or an application of their knowledge, skills and attitude in creating a program code to run their particular system which displays a series of forms declaring the basic information asked or encoded.

Every group is allotted an hour to have their presentation of their output, to run it and be ready to answer the practical questions raised by Sir Camporazo  based on the performance of their system with a corresponding rating equivalent to 100%.

System Programming

The TFI graduating students did their best to defend their system program as one of the basic requirements for their graduation. They have to meet the criteria set forth for this kind of system defense which took 2 days to finish based on the number of group assigned to a particular day of evaluation. In the first, there were 7 groups were evaluated by Sir Gilbor D. Camporazo and his co-teacher, Jun Costales and in the second day this blogger was invited to join with the set of evaluator in the afternoon.

In order for them to pass this practical testing, they have to make their system be valid and function properly by meeting the following set of rules:

1. presentation which accounts for the delivery, organization, mastery, and preparedness.
2. Design and creativity which point out to event control, elements, buttons, and other objects such as texts and captions.
3. Navigation and display which represent its user-friendliness as to its easiness to navigate and prompt appropriate messages.
4. System design and functionality which could perform the function to add, edit, save, delete, search and print records.

And every member of the group is graded based on his/her participation in the discussion and in the actual development of the system or the project.

The System Defender

This blogger is able to rate the following groups and he found some of them well-prepared, knowledgeable of their programmed system and could be able to relate to what they had worked on.

a. Programmed Electoral System

This is represented by a group which is composed of Crystal Mae Patingo, Mirriam Domingo, Jeralyn R. Pasco, Jessel Luntayao, Jossie Genovia, Floryn Niepes, and Eva Hillado. System title is Programmed Electoral System which is an electronic voting system that often seen as a tool for making the electoral process more efficient and for increasing trust in the management.

b. Deftones Product Management System

This is firmly defended by the group which is composed of Daisy Mae A. Magalona as program manager, Johanna A. Amaro as program developer, Harmie E. Maglamba as system analyst, Dianalyn B. Mercurio as researcher, and Mary Ann G. Panes and Jessa Marie O.Felomino as program support staff. Their program is Deftones Product Management System. It is used to easil research for brand, generic name of a medicine and a vitamin. It displays basic information the searched medicine or vitamin product.

c. Finance and Information System

This is explicitly expounded by the group of Jerlyn D. Flores, Jero Michael G. Villahermosa, Neza M. CastaƱeda, Jessel D. Octavio, Elmer S. Bolhano, and Bella Grace C. Pablito. Their program is Finance and information system which could be used by the school administration. This functions in searching for student's name, information as to his account and payments made.

d. TFI Transaction Records

This is best deliberated by the group of Franclyn Rose Saladaga,Paul Henri Apoyon, Rubylyn Lecaniel, Feverlie Kilayco, and Kertz John Favor. Their program is created for the benefit of the finance office to hasten its work in keeping an accurate records of the students so as to generate records found in the student's account, his miscellaneous fees, tuition fees and other payments which have been automatically stored in the database.

e. Grand Regal Hotel Room Management Program

This is well explained by the group of Jocelyn Grijaldo, Juliet Quirante, Gelly Ann Sula, Debbie Fuentes, Nikki de la Torre, Girlie Masanit, and Sheila Mae Lechado. Their program is entitled hotel reservation system which is also known as central reservation system (CRS) which stores and distributes information of a hotel, resort or other lodging facilities.

This blogger is expressing his thanks and appreciation to the school, Technical Foundation of Institute (TFI) for the opportunity he has as one of the panel of interrogators for the defense of the TFI programming students system program. He congratulates those who have participated in the said defense for they know what they have worked on. He also expresses his gratefulness for the acquaintance we have had with the TFI instructors like Mr. Jun Costales, Ma'm Rhodamae T. Rema, Miss Cherry Mae Calmadora, Ms. Wenona C. Libres and the rest of the faculty whom he met there.


  1. though am doing my graduation on electronics engineering still I love to do programming.So I must say this is a great movement.

  2. A great way to test the knowledge of the students before graduation. I believed with this practical processes for them to defend what they think and learn about the subject matter.

  3. How long is the testing period and do they actually launched servers for the systems?

  4. This is nice to see that they were able to get to explain how the program works. That CRS program can be made commercial since there are a lot of hotel that don't have it.

  5. Kudos to the students! It seems that it was a piece of cake for them to do those programming. I hope those programs can help your community to make tasks easier.

  6. I think this courses are much needed now since almost everything is done online now.

  7. The closest thing I can remember which is kind of similar is defending my thesis. They must have worked very hard for this.

  8. I think this is a good thing for the students to make their work easier

  9. You never stop learning and as a teacher you need to take as many courses as you can to keep up with your students.

  10. I'm sure the students did their best to defend their thesis

  11. I remembered my thesis because of this post.


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