Friday, April 11, 2014

What Do We Do in Summer?

Summertime is the best opportune time for every member of my family to be together, to have  bonding time, to strengthen our relationship, patching family problems, among others.

Summertime artwork
Actually, this is what comes to our mind every summer. Summertime is washing time. Summertime is cooking. Summertime is swimming. Summertime is playing time. Summertime is praying together. Summertime is spending Church activity together. Summertime is to watch wholesome movies. Summertime is writing and reading. Summertime is to enjoy an ample rest and a sound sleep at siesta and at night. But what matters most is summertime is a family time.

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation starts right after the closing exercises or commencement exercises of elementary and high school respectively.

In my family, we have four grandchildren who go to elementary school, one programming teacher, and one instructional manager; and I am a school head of Cubay Elementary School, Division of La Carlota City.

Our grandchildren who go to the central school, La Carlota Elementary School 1 are Stephanie Gyn Jaud, Grade 2; Adgel Tolones and Shanley Jane Jaud, Grade 4; and Bryan Camporazo, Grade V. Stephanie and Shanely Jean live in Brg. La Granja, while Adgel and Bryan stay with us.

Our youngest son, Gilbor Camporazo, Jr., is NCIV Programming teacher in Technological Foundation, Inc. (TFI), Bago City; and our youngest daughter, Geeree Camporazo, is connected with the Alterntive Learning System (ALS) as instructional manager (IM).

Family Swimming together
Swimming together
What Are Stored for Them in Summer?

Panie and Bulaklak, fond names of Stephanie and Shanley have to spend their vacation back to their residence in Brgy. La Granja with their parents and with youngest sister, Inday Sophie. Bulaklak will be celebrating her 9th birthday on April 18. It would be an enjoyable one for it has no class and it would be spent together with her family.

Panie would also join with her parents and siblings to witness the traditional annual "Kalbaryo" in the observance of the Holy Lent. "Kalbaryo" is a drama of the passion of Christ portrayed by the selected youth of Saint Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church and it is held starting from the plaza to the hill of Brgy. Haguimit to depict the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Adgel and Bryan would just stay at home. Adgel would be helping her mother doing the basic household chores while her father is earning a living while driving a motorized tricycle daily. Bryan would also make himself busy helping his grandmother and playing internet games at the laptop in his free time.

Cooking together
Cooking together
Gilbor Junior would be staying at home for he doesn't any load for this summer in their school. He would be doing some programming code to be taught in this coming school year. Geeree doesn't have a summer vacation for she would still be teaching her learners especially the out-of-school youth, the adults who are usually composed of mothers.

Summertime is Doing School Work

While in my case, I would be still in school, doing some reports to submit for the end of the school year, preparing class program and priority school projects for Brigada Eskwela, the annual maintenance of the school for the opening of classes in the next school year; mong others.

However, in spite of those hectic schedule, I have, I would still have a time for the whole family to spend a summer together in observing the culmination of the Holy Week, praying together, going to Church together for the conference, and spending an excursion to the beach resort for family bonding.

Eating together
Eating time together
Summertime is family time indeed.


  1. That's right sir! despite of our busy schedule, summer should still be a wonderful bonding moment with the family!

  2. Summertime is indeed great for spending quality time for family.


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