Saturday, May 10, 2014

Remembering Director Tirol, The Great Educator

I knew it lately from the social media page of the Division of La Carlota City that a retired DepEd Regional VI Atty. Victorino B. Tirol, Jr., passed away on March 21, 2014 of septic shock. I began recollecting good things about him. I know that he is  a good leader and a mentor. He is a native of Bohol and was born on November 22, 1943

He was a great speaker as I listened to him in one of his visits in our division several years ago. The point I got from him is how should a school head do in visiting his teachers. "We should catch our teachers doing good", a statement that really works in keeping the teachers doing their best in teaching keeps still reverberating in my mind.

In June 11, 2008 at West Visayas State University, I won't forget the day he handed me my certificate of completion of eXCELS courses in Instructional and Curricular Excellence in Leadership and Management , an interactive and self-instructional online professional development programs for Southeast Asian school heads. These courses are developed based on a competency framework developed by SEAMEO INNOTECH and validated by ministries of education in eleven SEAMEO member countries.

I belong to Batch 1, Class 2. My online instructor is Dr Ophel Veniegas. The panel of interrogators for my revalida was composed of Sir Gilvas of Division of Capiza and Sir Arnold Siena of Division of Bacolod. .

The Making of a Great Educator

Dr.  Tirol, a small man with a big educational accomplishment is indeed a great loss to every educator, to every teacher, to every academe. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Cristeta Balili-Tirol, a PhD in Psychology (UST), presently the Vice-President for Finance of theUniversityofBohol, and two children: Victoriano B. Tirol, III, the Assistant Vice-President for Administration of UB, and Will Tyron B. Tirol, the President of Cristal-E College.

His Education

Dr. Tirol has an excellent education. He has two doctorate degrees such as Doctor of Philosophy in English (UST 1986, Benemeritus) and Doctor of Philosophy in Education (UB 1987, Summa Cum Laude).

He completed six masteral degrees: Master of Arts in English (SU 1966), Master of Arts in Education (UB 1972), Master of Arts in Educational Administration (UB 1985, Magna Cum Laude), Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling (UB 1987), Master of Arts in Business Administration (UB 1977, Summa Cum Laude), and Master of Arts in Public Administration (UB 1999, Summa Cum Laude). And he is also a holder of four Bachelor’s degrees such as AB (RPC 1967, Magna Cum Laude), BSE (RPC 1963, Magna Cum Laude), BSEED (UB 1980) and BSC (UB 1980). He is also an AA (RPC 1967) and ETC (UB 1966) graduate.

He is a PD 907 Honor Graduate eligible seven times over, and passed the Superintendent Examination, Bar Examination and Teacher’s Examination. He is a Career Executive Service Officer (CESO) Rank III, a Career Executive Officer (CEO) Rank III.

His Job

Atty. Tirol was a Professor of College of Law and Graduate School of University of Bohol and the Dean of Student Affairs and Planning and Development. He became the Schools Division Superintendent of Bohol and  transferred to the Division of Negros Occidental. He was appointed as Regional Director of DECS,Eastern Visayas, transferred to Region I, (Ilocos) then to Region V, (Bicol) and finally to Reguion VI, Western Visayas as Regional Director until he retired.

Remarkable Accomplishment

When he took his Ph.D. in English at the University of Santo Tomas, he wrote a dissertation on “Boholano Literature”, which was lauded and became the foundation of an awakened interest in the culture and arts of Bohol. His dissertation, Summer Pre-School Program for his doctorate course in Education, became a prototype program for the establishment of public pre-schools in the Philippines.

He has a passion for economic and cultural upliftment through education which supported by his wife, Dr. Cristeta Balili-Tirol and by his two children, Victoriano B. Tirol, III and Will Tyron B. Tirol.

The great educator just like Dr. Tirol remains in the hearts and minds of every teacher and every school head by his passion that education never stops in one's life.

(with reference to The Bohol Chronicle)

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