Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bryan: Artist in the Making

Our 11-year old grandson, Bryan P. Camporazo is gradually showing off his latent talent on drawing human figures. He has proven how artistic he is in some of his drawing pieces which are shown here.

Bryan, the artist
Toto Bryan as we fondly call him is a reserved type of a boy. He is too serious in doing things of his interest. He is quick to think. He has the ability to learn things by himself through observation. He likes math, arts and music.

His drawing skill is acquired. He has gained this talent upon seeing his uncle, Toto Jun (Gilbor D. Camporazo, Jr.), our youngest son doing some sketches of cartoon characters like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z characters like Sun Goku, Bulma, Piccolo, Vegeta, among others. He has also drawn several cartoon character in a comics form.

In the following image, Bryan is surrounded by curious elementary pupils who were amazed of his skill in drawing Sun Goku in a long-size bond paper using the black ball pen.

Bryan with group of pupils watching him drawing Sun Goku
Bryan, center is with my previous pupils in my former school

The following are the latest character-illustrations drawn by Bryan using the He calls them Genki and Shaina. Any similarity in the name of the character is just by coincidence according to him.

a. The three faces of Genki:

First face of Genki, imaginative character of Bryan

2nd face of Genki, imaginative character of Bryan

3rd face of Genki, imaginative character of Bryan

b. Shaina, the wife of Genki

wife of Genki, another imaginative character of Bryan

I said in my comment in his Facebook account, "very good... keep it up... you have the skill in illustrating person with appropriate expression as what you have done right now."


  1. The illustrations are really detailed. He is really very talented as not everybody can do those.

    1. Thanks, Franc. He is very talented. That is his usually activity every time he goes home after classes in the afternoon.

  2. It is always best to encourage children to pursue their interest most especially when we see great potential in them.

    1. You are absolutely correct, Teresa. I am encouraging our grandson to his best, to improve his drawing skill for he will benefit from it someday.

  3. Love the way he created these, it seems original. Hope he'll develop in the future as professional.

  4. drawing is a handy skill your grandson can use all through out his life. who know he might even get to make a living out of it in the future. it really is a must that parents and grandparents nurture and encourage their children + grandchildren to develop + enhance their skills + interests.

  5. Yay, he's talented. My son is also starting to show his talent in drawing. I'm supporting my son's hobby 100% and I'm sure you're doing that too to Bryan.

  6. what a talented kids? are so lucky to having a grandson like yours...keep up the good work...


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