Saturday, July 26, 2014

Voices from Modern Wilderness

Generally speaking, teachers have considered themselves as low-salaried government employees as compared to other government agencies. In that reality, they have wanted to have a reasonable remuneration to their copious job, discounting the danger, the hazards that they're facing from day-in to day-out in line of their duties.

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Some concerned teachers have manifested their true sentiments on this dismal scenario of their present situation when Sir Yves D. Miclat posted a reminder on what to keep track during the PH President's state of the nation address (SONA) comes Monday afternoon.

Therefore, I was a bit the center of the discussion in TAGA-DEPED AKO, a closed group page in the Facebook. I was totally misunderstood and misconstrued of my point of view by the members of the said group. It seemed that they regarded the situation personally, and to the extent of dragging me unprofessionally.

As I mentioned earlier, this hullabaloo stemmed from one member who posted an announcement that there is a plan for an across the board increase of two thousand to three thousand pesos in the monthly salary and in the emergency allowance of the public school teachers.

The message is written in Filipino in which the above statement summarizes the whole context of the message, which is focused on across the board salary increase which could be one (?) of the features in the SONA of the President Noynoy Aquino on Monday, July 28. The screenshot of this message is below.

Yvas Miclat posted message

The controversial post
I personally commented that this particular increase of salary of the teachers would give them less benefit, rather an added burden for them. I was referring to the existing loans of some teachers. If this will be effected, their credit line will tend to become bigger and it is not good, I said.

For the sake of discussion, please take the following reactions of mine, which were only a matter of opinion with no malice at all (believe me):

Gil Camporazo's first comment

Gil Camporazo's 2nd comment

Gil Camporazo's 3rd comment

Gil Camporazo's 4tht comment

Numerous negative comments gradually came pouring, until it belittled me, insulted me, among others. Those who were leading for their strong comments, Here the screenshot their comments to substantiate the hot issue.

Analine Vergara's posted message

Dyed Cherish Fane VGeneroso's posted message

Mario Mendoza Bautista's posted message

Miraflor Camangyan Abella's Mario Mendoza Bautista's posted message

Warren John Corpuz Dimalanta's Miraflor Camangyan Abella's Mario Mendoza Bautista's posted message

My Personal Admission

I have humble myself and get rid of all of my comments for proper decorum. Thus, I have made myself clear that everything has led to the point of misunderstanding, discordant of thoughts and ideas. I have admitted that I have caused the group trouble and I was very remorseful about about. And I said once and for all, "I AM VERY SORRY."

My sorry comment admission

Apology accepted

Apology accepted screenshot

I am so thankful for the following teachers who indirect accepted my apology through their "likes" made in latest comment I posted for being sorry about it. They are Fred Detosil, Analie Vergara, Abram Kiko Bunso, Titay Dela Cruz, Lizzie Quinisio, Julianice Oaday Azalapga, Christophe viernes, Cynthia Pichay Domingo, Richelle Mateo, Jane Mendoza, Marife Tayon Santos, Yves D. Miclat, Len Len, Bong Bagamaspad, and Jomelyn Tuazon Lundag.

Thank you also to Mam Lhy Timuat Servo for her moral support.

Peace be with you.


  1. wow! this one is quite surprising... this (though it differs in some ways) is "hebigat" issue... It happens to me always, they ask for my opinion (e.g. Local school Board which i do not agree to.) then they attack me personally... it is not my fault if they misconstrue my point of view, pero sana naman, they will try to look at the other side of the side...
    going back to the matter on the table, i pray for a salary increase. but i also agree with your point, pag tumaas ang sahod ng titser, tataas din ang credit limit nila... sana magkaroon ng program ang anuman gov agencies to assist teachers in their purchasing powers... pero sa tingin ko po, dapat personal na lang po ito na i disiplina ng individual ang sarili... do not count your chicks before your eggs are hatched, ika nga...
    personally i do not understand why those individuals maligned you sir (as i have not read yet all your "thoughts." but one thing is for sure, they had generalized your point without probing any further... stay strong as i think you already are!!!

  2. Thanks you very much Dexter... at least you got what I mean. It is really intended for the teachers' credit line. I don't want them to be buried in the quagmire of gigantic or monstrous loans.


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