Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Polite in Giving Other a Chance

Philippine Presidential Election 2016 is fast approaching. Prospective presidential candidates are already surfacing. Would they deserve to take the helm of Philippine government toward her greatness? Or they're in to carry on with their ulterior intention in which the people will just know it while they're already elected.

President Aquino
The incumbent country's president Noynoy Aquino has already trodden the virtual "Matuwid na Daan". He has achieved more than enough like putting "small and big fishes" to jail, alleviating some economic imbalance of those poor in the society through a "Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program" or the so-called 4Ps.

In short, PNoy's governance rating is passing or satisfactory. His 6th term is about to end and he has effected tangible accomplishment in economy, in education, in improving people's lives especially the poor.

The Filipino whom he considers as "the boss" is generally not well served. Their demands are not met especially social justice, land equity or ownership, employment. It seems for the "boss" those issues are least addressed to.

The Folly of Reelection

Does PNoy want to stay in power? He has several supporters both in the Congress and in the senate. And they're implying to amend the constitution to let PNoy to lead the country anew or for second term.

Caloocan City representative Edgar Erice is making a move for a Charter change especially on changing the terms of elective positions. In which, the President is quite amendable. In like manner, Senate President Franklin Drilon has called up their political party officials and members to talk on  the Cha-cha issue. Budget Secretary Florencio Abad has signified to check with the President's stanch on Charter Change. What actually PNoy's allies are doing as bright as the noon day.

Well, if he insists and throws his hat again, more likely the Filipino people will misconstrue it as absurd. Will Erice, Drilon and Abad make it?

President Benigno Aquino III

Five Reasons of Giving Up Politics

It is simply an absurd. Check the following five reasons why PNoy reelection is considered as folly:-

First, in reality as most people perceived he has taken the government's reign to avenge the death of his father whom his mother failed to seek the proper justice and he also unable to provide it in his stint.

Second, he has not mastered the "practical" politics. He is too submissive to the whims and caprices of his allies who he owed his presidency's success in moral, in financial, in everything.

Third, as a president, he should have an indomitable principle in running the government by not favoring any sects, peoples, and by treating them too special. He could stand by himself though he welcomes productive suggestion especially the electorate.

Fourth, the people are now too fed up of empty speeches. They want a doer, not a vain talker. Serving the people is not sales talking. Serving the people is a sacrifice of anything. But it is anchored by a two-way communication, and a shared responsibility.

Fifth, PNoy may not be the anointed one to successfully lead the country. Therefore, giving up for a second term is a polite way of opening another door or opportunity to those who have the heart, the mind, the hand and the feet, and even an eye single to the glory of God. If possible, he may be not a representative of any religious sects. He may be a real Juan de la Cruz.

Who will be the next President of the country?

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