Sunday, August 3, 2014

Posterity Conversion; Doing Something for the Church

President Lopez
In the latest semi-annual conference of La Carlota District of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, particularly in Priesthood Leadership Meeting, more than 3,000 Church members were given the special attention of the Bacolod Philippines Mission Presidency on their less activity in the Church.

President Mario Oliveros Lopez demonstrated on how this should be done by calling selected members in front as an example and on how they should be attended to for their inactivity in the Church. He challenged every respective branch leaders who were in attendance like of Ayungon, La Castellana, La Carlota 1st, La Carlota 2nd, Manggapsang, Masville, Moises Padilla, and San Enrique Branches to actively take part of strengthening and rescuing them. And this could also be possibly done by every auxiliary leader by magnifying their calling.

Sister Missionaries finding investigators
Finding and Teaching

Another challenge thrown to the leaders is missionary work. Traditionally the full-time missionaries did the finding, teaching and baptizing the investigators and the converts. To make the work easier and participatory, the calling of ward missionary leader and the war missionaries would serve the purpose. In so doing, the ward missionary with his ward missionaries would do the finding and the full-time missionaries would do the teaching and baptism.

It is could also be done through a family participation. A member of the family could do it effectively. A daughter and a son could refer their friends and peers. The mother could do the same. But a father could refer the whole family and it is possible.

Sister Lopez joining with Sister Missionary visiting members
Conversion for Posterity

In Church membership, the first generation group of members is composed of those Catholic-Mormon converts. The second would be the sons and the daughters who have gone to a mission. The third would be the grandsons and granddaughters who have gone also to a mission. And the fourth generation are great grandsons and great granddaughters who followed their uncles and aunties serving a mission and in return they edify and strengthen the Church by actively and functionally magnifying their callings and renewing their covenants faithfully.

And President Lopez refers this "Posterity conversion". President Lopez believes and is confident in the coming years La Carlota Distirct would become stake and two or three stakes would be possible in the offing.

With this principle in which I have just learned from him would be effective. I do agree with President Lopez when he said that "doing something for the Church. Everyone will become productive."

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