Saturday, August 30, 2014

Social Work in Case Western University

A career in social work is most suitable for individuals who truly enjoy helping others. There is a growing demand for social workers who can work in various government agencies and non-profit organizations. Completing a degree in social work can be done online thanks to fully accredited universities who offer distant learning programs. In only a few years, students can successfully complete a degree and enter a particular specialty of social work that focuses on resolving specific problems. For example, social workers who are interested in making local, regional or global changes can find employment at charitable organizations.

Such entities focus on social issues like poverty, universal healthcare, disease management and affordable housing. Social workers can find exciting job opportunities all over the world with the aim of improving the lives of diverse people. Non-profit organizations often fully cover all travel expenses associated with specific missions to implement social change. Despite common misconceptions, charitable organizations carry out comprehensive missions in Western nations and not just developing countries.

Social workers who enjoy helping their local communities can find jobs in schools, youth centers and similar facilities. There is truly something rewarding about helping children grow and develop into responsible young adults. Social workers often work with troubled teenagers who come from "broken homes" and experience other daily problems outside of school. There are also efforts by social workers to minimize gang activity, drug use and violent behavior in urban areas.

Medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics have social service departments. Social workers interact with patients who are having problems that extend beyond physical pain. Mental health counseling is a specialty of social workers who interact with patients dealing with psychiatric problems. Similarly, social work is critical in rehabilitation centers that treat alcoholics, drug users and other addicts.

Universities that offer social work programs try to emphasize qualities such as compassion and empathy. While being emotionally involved in cases, social workers also have the abilities and resources to resolve problems objectively through proper legal protocols. An institution like Case Western University and other colleges are examples of higher education institutes offering degrees in social work.

When working for social service departments, employees take their jobs seriously. For example, social workers might make monthly visits to households receiving government assistance. It's important to ensure that federal money is actually going towards helping people who are truly in need of basic necessities.

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