Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Rectify Enrollment Related Issues

Public Schools with Beginning of School Year (BoSY) enrolment issues could breathe now a sigh of relief. Learner Information System (LIS) proposed corrections like No Longer in School (NLS) and multiple LRN and enrollment facility is now activated.

Because of pending enrollment issues every public elementary and secondary schools, the Learner Information System (LIS) Helpdesk page in a big social media is bombarded with unethical, inhumane accusations from public school teachers all over the country. In like manner, scheduled deadline was always reset to give ample time to those who couldn't make it for internet inaccessibility, computer glitches, among others.

It is good that recently Sir Jonathan Diche posted to our SFRT and LIS Helpdesk admin page, an advance information that in the LIS issue like NLS and Data issues could be rectified now. It could be availed of in the Production Site, LIS dashboard itself.

Possible solutions to LIS issues
Possible solutions to LIS issues
If you've to visit your LIS account, you could find this similar page if there is a concern on multiple enrollment, NLS, among others.

With LIS issue, here is again another similar page.

Taking action on LIS proposed solution
Taking action on LIS proposed solution

You do it by clicking the downward arrowhead to display the pop-up menu.

Now, "unenroll" button appears. Click it to effect the needed action. Then it will appear that the proposed action of "un-enroll" is displayed in place of previous issue.

Un-enrollment facility
Un-enrollment facility

Confirming proposed action taken
Confirming proposed action taken

Click "List of classes" where the pupil belongs. Check his record if he's no longer there. Then un-enrolling him is successful.

Then, proceed to pupil's class section. Check his record if there is still present. If none, then your correction has been reflected.

Now, proceed to your EBEIS account. Find it out if your enrolment issue has already been resolved. If so, you can submit your beginning of school year (BoSY) enrolment data to the Central Office by clicking "submit" button. If not, meaning you've to resolve LIS data issues prior to submission, you've wait until it is finally rectified by the Central Office.

Now, you're done. What a relief!


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