Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why TDA Has Permanently Blocked Me?

This is an exclusive chat with Mr. Christoper Duro (Topet Duro) one of the admins of TDA sometime in October 19 and 20, 2014 in the afternoon.

Topet Duro, YDA admin
TDA Admin
I want to make this public on how I regard Taga-DepEd Ako (TDA) created by Christopher "Topet" Duro. And in turn I want to know why this closed group has permanently blocked me in spite of my reentry which Topet Duro had caused it.

I want to let the public may know especially TDA on how I treated them.

Our series of chats started on October 19 when I posted my blog on the TDA T-shirt controversy in my RandomThoughts. This issue prompted me as a school principal to ask on its manner of procurement, teacher-clients. I was expecting a good explanation, but  instead I received a negative reactions from the TDA members who belittled in the FB. And the last chats we had had was on the following day, October 20.

The following conversations are the screenshots from our chat as a result of the controversy of TDA T-shirt:

conversion 1

conversion 2

conversation 3

At this point, I was surprised why he asked if I left the group. I tried to access the group. I couldn't find it. I tried several times. I failed. Then, I asked.

conversation 4

conversation 4

At this time, I wasn't able to open my blog on this issue wherein Sir Jonathan Diche has already left a comment. So I hadn't reacted objectively. Sir Diche's comment is found at the last portion of this blog. Let's continue.

conversation 5

conversation 6

conversation 7

conversation 8

Topet Duro is referring to a newly created group, DepEd DBarkads.

conversation 9

This time Topet Duro is referring to DepEd DBarkads.

conversation 10

conversation 11

conversation 12

This ends our chats. At least I have aired my views. I regret why they permanently blocked me there. Anyway I do respect their decision.

By the way, here's screenshot of the comment of Sir Diche on the controversy of TDA T-shirt:

Sir Diche comment in RamdomThoughts on the TDA t-shirt isse

I know teachers are all educated and they know what they're doing. I know this blog may be interpreted in different angle of emotions, but not of course, be miscontrued.

TDA House Rules

By the way, for your information, here are the TDA house rules (screenshot) which were recently modified on TDA T-shirt controversy:

TDA House Rules

These rules aren't strictly observed in toto. Topet Duro told me that with this big group (more than 47,000 members) talaga pong filtering members is quite difficult...

So I presume that I wasn;t able to follow the rules I was "SWIFTLY EJECTED."

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