Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bryan's Fearful but Happy Experience as Deacon

Deacon Bryan
Deacon Bryan
Bryan's first duty as a Deacon seems inexplicable. He's afraid, according to him, but yet he's complete and he's so glad to do his job as a Deacon. He knows his family members especially his grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunties, cousins are just around to truly supporting him.

Bryan Perez Camporazo, our grandson who was adopted by us since he was 4-month old. He was the fourth children of our eldest son, Greg. He turned 12 in November 23 and received his Preparatory or Lesser Priesthood on that day. I conferred upon him the Aaronic Priesthood and ordained him to the office of the Deacon.

On the following Sunday, he was one of the passers in the Sacrament meeting. In formal dress of white shirt and a necktie, he passed the Sacrament to let us partake the bread and the water. It was indeed the happiest moment in my life to see him doing this sacred task in behalf of the Savior, Jesus Christ for he has the authority to do so as a Deacon.

Bryan and his grandpa, the blogger
Bryan and his grandpa, the blogger
Bryan's Priesthood and Blessings

After he was interviewed by our Branch President, President Jimboy Loreto of La Carlota First Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of La Carlota Philippines District, Bryan was presented to the Quorum of the Deacon for vote of support and fellowship. Then I took turned to officiate the ordination and of giving of blessings.

I blessed him of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost to always guide him in all his undertakings in life, to be obedient to his parents, grandparents, to the leaders of the Church and foremost to God's commandments. With his due diligence as a faithful member of the Church, he could fill a mission someday to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everybody. I counsel him to be persistent in reading the scriptures and practice the teachings he read from the four standard works of the Church like the Book of Mormon, The Bible, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.

I concluded it by reminding him the powerful effect of prayer in bad times and in good times. He should pray without ceasing. In everything, he should give thanks. And he should maintain and nurture his testimony on the truthfulness of the Gospel, of the Church, of the Prophet and the Divinity of the Sonship of Jesus Christ.

Bryan's service in going to Church every Sunday
Bryan's service in going to Church every Sunday

Joy of Passing the Lord's Sacrament

Bryan was one of the 66 Deacons who passed the Sacrament. After the Sacrament prayer was said in turn by our youngest son, Gilbor Junior and Jared Vergara, the deacons one by one carried the tray of bread and the tray of water respectively and let the congregation partake the Sacrament.

Bryan was assigned to our family who seated in group in two separate pews. In a most reverent way, he handed the tray to the first person seated in the column of pews where we also seated, until he reached us. He did it the same with the water.

He confided to me after our Sacrament meeting that he was really nervous of passing the Sacrament for the first time until he gained his composure. As he completed his taks, he felt very happy. He was so thankful and looking forward to do that every Sunday when he'll be given again the assignment.

Bryan's Gospel Class
Bryan's Gospel Class
First Attendance to Gospel Youth Class

In Sunday class, he joined with other youth to attend their Gospel Class with Sister Ernalyn Montero. They held their class outside the Church meetinghouse for the room where they're regularly holding their class was under repair and it couldn't be occupied yet.

He told that their class was about the importance of the ancient major Prophets in the Book of Mormon like Mormon, Alma and Mosiah. These persons were called of God and they're very obedient to carry on with the work of God as written in the Book of Mormon.

He seated at the back for he was still uncomfortable to attend his first Gospel class with the older youths of the Church. He had to befriend with them yet. Nevertheless, he could easily adjust to the group for the members were approachable and friendly.

We're proud and happy for our grandson, Bryan. With our full and unconditional support to him, Bryan would be surely a good example to the members and  to the non-members of the Church too.

God bless you, Bryan!


  1. I pray for Bryan's success on this path. Bless you for keeping an eye on this wonderful soul.

  2. you have such a great grandson like bryan...hope he will make you all proud in future.

  3. It;s nice that he has good role models and enjoys the support of his family in his religious journey. I'm sure that means a lot to him.


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